Saturday, May 2, 2009

Saturday - 2 May 2009

Yesterday was The Labour Day. What did i do on Labour Day. In justification that it is celebrated by the Labour World (working committee) i just rest at home. Woke up to pray. Then i just go off to KL to meet some of my friends. Then spending a nite in a hotel. Opppss. No. I helped paid for the hotel bills. Then my friend would pay me back. Had a great time with some of my friends. Close friends that is. It just feels different when you are spending times with your close friends (who are almost like a family members) rather than spending with your usual friends (who are not really in your black book list).

After the Friday prayers, i went off to Jalan Masjid India with my aunt to convert some cash into euro (going off to europe this upcoming Thursday despite the damn pigs flu). My, My. I nearly cleared my account book by doing this. euro1000 is approximately cost about RM4,740. I converted RM5000 so it was euro1055. What a big difference. I know well that its going to be like this. So might as well just go thru it. Then the 'tokey besar' aka my beloved cousin marya, told us that we have to convert another GBP200 for the train from newcastle and car rental (including gas). That spells out another RM2000++. OMG. I had spent so much on this trip that i had already lost track of my account book. To date i had spent nearly RM10000 to make this trip possible. Gosh! What da hell i had got myself into. Remember. Its just once in a lifetime. Take a deep breath. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale again. And again, and again.

Went off to Marya's place in Shah Alam to drop off the cash. Then send my aunt back to gombak and Obi came and picked me up to his place in Shah Alam. We spend the rest of the nite watching DVD. DVD marathon nite. I fell asleep thru it. Obi also passed out after the third DVD. Woke up to find it is already 5.30 am in the morning. Both of us got up and take a shower and went off to Shah Alam's mosque for Subuh prayers.

Had breakfast in Ani Sup. Cool. Great dish. Then we were talking about all those rich kids who are around us making such a big noise that draws all of other customers attention to them. WTF. Then Obi started off thinking what a waste. They have their parents money to spend and us (both of us) work hard just to pay off some bills. Do we regretted that we are born to this life. No. We enjoyed every seconds. Both of us are from the middle class family. Had enough. Those rich kids never knew how hard the life can be. All they know that they have money (eventho it comes from the FAMA's account). And they dared to comment about other people's pathetic life. WTF. Pathetic? Hope that god will some day teach them some lesson.

Get off from breakfast and i Obi dropped me off to my aunt's as he is en route to Genting to meet up his long-time-no-see girlfriend. I resume back with sleep. Then packed my stuffs (laundry i mean) and off to Putrajaya. Fidi going to stay overnite at my place tonite. So just might as well go back to Putrajaya. Anyway i have to go to Melaka tomorrow to pick up my brother's stuff. At least i have a reason to leave KL for a while. Gosh. I love my life. And i just hate some rich kids who dared to comment about others and doesnt really know about other's life. They think they understands life? I don't think so. If they made that kind of stupid comments about other people, then i guess they don't know life at all. All they know that they are born into silverspoon (or platinum for all that matters) and some people are plain pathetic trying to do something that they can do easily without a lift of a finger.

Yeah, you own the best laptop in town, you owned a car that i don't think you can afford with your own paycheck, you can afford to go to 5 stars hotel. But then again. Could you afford it yourself without your papa mama's help? I don't think so. So stop making comments that only show off your own stupidity and ignorance about a true life and reserve it for your circle's only. Your circle are the only person know how to react to such comments that spells out arrogance in every single language.

I just have to stop. Rich kids are just fortunate in one way. That is spells out by 5 letters word. M-O-N-E-Y. Other than that. You guys are simply clueless. But then again. This does not spells out to everyone. But some d**kheads that i have a 'pleasure' to encounter in my life. I should just stop at this point. Got to go brush off this thing.