Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Journey of a New Father

It has been 11 days since Rayyan Eusoff was born. After almost a week in the hospital, we were allowed to bring him back. 

Wifey spent the confinement days at our home in Putrajaya. Not going back to her mother's like most new mothers do. Why? well. I do not know. But I am fine with it coz i won't be missing my son so much then. Hahahaha. My mother in law came from time to time to take care of both wifey and Eusoff while i go to work. But when MIL is not around, then i have to prepare everything for them before i go to work.

Nowadays my daily routine starts at 5.30 a.m. in the morning. Boiled the herbal water (for wifey's bath) and cooked rice then take my bath and perform my Subuh prayers. Clean the house (vacuum, mop, etc.) then prepare breakfast for wifey which usually consists of warm water, oatmeal and dates. Bathed Eusoff and changed his diapers and put on his clothes and play around with him while waiting for wifey to finish her bath. Put Eusoff in the baby cot and bring it closer to the window for the morning sun. Then i prepare lunch for wifey (so that she can reheat it in the microwave). The normal cuisine for this week was grilled sliced fish (red snapper, red fish, salmon, tenggiri, etc.) and veggie soup (bitter gourds, carrots, salads, etc.) with brown rice. I am googling more recipes suitable for confinement period. Then i will be back in the afternoon to prepare the lunch and play with Eusoff while wifey had her lunch. Then went back to the office and leave after i could leave the office (i was away for a week so there is a lot of things in my plate) and took care of Eusoff while wifey rest save for breastfeeding the baby which i could not do, not in a million years. Errrrr.

That is basically my routine for the first week after both wifey and Eusoff came back from the hospital. It is tiring but was not stressful. I think i will get used to it after a while. I wanted to hire a confinement lady, but it is way out of my budget and furthermore i could use that cash for the baby. It is a matter of preferences. For those who can afford it, well by all means go ahead because it can ease up your life depending of how many days you wanted the confinement lady to be around. The price nowadays are roughly RM1,000 per week. That could be translated into RM115 per day. Good pay.

But whatever it is. I am still new at this and there are more things that i need to learn about being a father. And i am enjoying every second of it. 


Monday, September 1, 2014

Rayyan Eusoff Muhamad Akmal

It felt weird reading your name in the end of another name. But it is an awesome-kind of weirdness. Rayyan Eusoff. That is the name that wifey and i had chosen for our first born son.

He was born on 25 August 2014, just two months shy from our anniversary. He was born earlier than expected. 1 week earlier. The original due date is on 3 September 2014. I guess he just cannot wait to meet his parents. Hehehe. Weighted 3.26 kg, wifey gave birth through Caesarian. There was no choice given we were advised by the doctors that the baby was already in distress and the opening was not enough to accommodate normal birth.

Alhamdulillah. Everything went fine. Eventhough Rayyan Eusoff had to spent 3 nites in Nursery Intensive Care Unit (NICU), i am not worried as he will be under supervision of experienced nurses. Now he is at our home and officially my duty as a father starts. 

I still cannot believe that i am a father. Time flies to fast that the next thing you know, you are 10 years older and your son is already in school (and perhaps that time there will be another 2-3 additional son or daughter insya Allah). I am looking forward for the adventure that awaits me as a father. I would not trade it for the world.