Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ms Chocolate, Thank You For Sweeten My Day

I went back to my flat after office, to get something and straight to Putrajaya Extreme Sportscentre untuk ber'wall climbing' bersama rakan-rakan...oooopsss kantoi la plak aku balik rumah dulu....takper...pali tak baca blog usual, park my car, get into the lift and push the button to my level and waited till the lift went up to my flat's i was walking down the hallway, i kept thinking whois this Ms Chocolate..then i open my grill door and almost step on another box, 2 bars and a packets of chocolate...this time it is two bars of Straciatella & Raspberry Lindt,  a box of belgian chocolate truffles and a packet of Daim...with it comes another note :

*One Sweet Day Isn't Enough, Have Another Sweet Day With Sweet Memories*

Chocolate again? and my sweet friend asked me to beware...but Ms. Chocolate thanks again for sweetening my day...and i ate the chocolate without a second thought...coz i know that whomever you are, your intention tasted like chocolate....that is sweet....

9:38 a.m
26 November 2009

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

With Love, Ms Chocolates

I am not feeling well since my laptop crashed...makan tak lalu (tipu sangat la kot) pon takder mood (2 pasang dah kasut masuk dalam keta)...tido tak lena (dalam kursus slambadak ajer tido)...mandi tak basah (siap memain air lagi dengan si Obi ari tu)...and i don't feel up to it....creating new memories that is...coz i still cherish the lost ones....

But it all went thru the window when i went back...there was a box of chocolate at my flat....actually there were a box of ferrero and 3 bars of cadbury and another packet of hersheys kisses to be exact and not to be missed, a small box of Godiva...and there was a note...a simple note...with simple scribbled words...yet understandable...

*May your new memories are as sweet as cholocates*

I was flabbergasted...feeling the day turns up to be as sweet as the chocolates....its all becoz of dear Ms. Chocolates...thanks to you, who ever you are or where ever you are....

3:02 p.m
25 November 2009

Letter From Me To Myself

Dear Myself,

Once Broken Consider Sold. Done With The Old Ones, Make New Ones Instead. Let The Bygones Be Bygones. Memories Is Better Off In Our Hearts And Mind, Not In A Piece Of Steel. Don't Worry, Be Happy. As Tomorrow Is Another Day. And It Might Be THE DAY. Where It Promise A Better Day. Better Than Any Other Day. If You Wish For It To Be That Way.

Yours Sincerely,

7.05 p.m
24 November 2009

Saturday, November 21, 2009

My Laptop Crashed, My Heart Does Too

I came back home from Bukit Merah to usual, the first thing that i do was plug in my computer to connect to the turned on, not a prob, but it got stuck and not loading up the Windows XP....i tried several times, and i tried and i tried....until i face the fact that my laptop might got virus....which means there is only one solution, FORMAT....thinking of that word wrenched my heart as three years of my memories lays inside the small black box of wonders....omaigottttttttttttt....what should i do? i am wishing and praying for miracle....and worst case is, i dont have back up for all those memories that lies within the small black box of wonders....and i am really really praying hard for miracle...

2:35 p.m
22 November 2009
Batu Caves, Selangor

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sekarang Cinta Pakai Otak

Aku tengah driving pergi kerja pagi when i first heard of this song...all i can catch was Hey Ladies...mesti lagu indonesia inieh...and cam sora Rossa...oklah fine...then bila sampai kerja kebetulan staff aku pasang lagu nie...terus la aku tanya dia tajuk apa...then i download it from the internet....then aku pon dengar kat iPod aku...then i found that the lyrics is interesting....

Tapi betul la aku memang boleh relate lagu dengan sebahagian kengkawan pompuan yang aku kenal (no offense okay, just based on observation) see nowadays, bley ler tengok yang laki ni makin berkurang la (tu tak tolak lagi the ones that is totally out of the picture) all the girls have to berebut okay to get a guy (ooopsss)...but then again, some got a total NO NO NO kind of guy and they are okay with it as long as they have someone to call as their boy friend instead of just being plain single (true okay, statement yang aku dengar from some of girls)...giler ngok ngek okay...tapi aku tak salahkan diorang is a matters of a heart (oooopsss) tapi kekadang aku rasa its more on the matters of loneliness (ooopss i see it coming, mesti aku kena hempuk nieh)....not that i call them desperados la, but just think la...use your lagu si Rossa tu - Cinta Pakai Otak Jangan Rugi Hati Rugi Waktu...

Sudah Ku Bilang Jangan Terlalu Yakin, the starting of the song totally dedicated to the girls who are too blind to see what is in front of their eyes...or they see and know it but they just choose to ignore it...ulang balik...PAKAI OTAK!!! aku kekadang geram betul with some of the girls that i know who are totally and 'faithfully' supported their boyfriends' wrongdoing...not that others want to interfere with their relationship, but the thing is please lah...Nanti Patah Hati Siapa Mau Nolong?...mai ler terkedek kedek balik kat kengkawan ini yang dah ulang berulang kali....deng tak? dulu waktu zaman berpeleseran orang bagitau taknak dengar, then when the thing doesn't went towards her way baru ler nak carik balik kengkawan....itu lagi satu yang aku bengang...why when you have a relationship (other than marriages), you have to give up your friends who had been by your side thruout your life (even thruout your 'courting' period okay, some even help out)....yo! korang kenal kengkawan lagi lama daripada kenal bf/ gf korang kottt!!! (for this case it applied to both gender)...

Kita Juga Bisa Menipu Dan Menduakan....totally true....i never object to this particular phrase....ingat laki ajer yang dok menipu? pompuan pon ada jugak okay...and sucks giler...aku pon tak tau ler apsal orang highlight laki ajer menipu as kalau menipu pon dengan pompuan lain yang means that particular pompuan lain itu juga terlibat dalam penipuan secara tidak langsung....Memanglah Tidak Semua Lelaki Busuk...of coz la hello...aku salah sorang yang tak busuk okay...minyak wangi ada lagi kat rumah...tak pakai pon still senantiasa okay ajer...(tapi aku still teringat dulu keja kat kopibin, si Natasha Hudson masuk abis satu kedai bau wangi giler)....hahahahahaha

Then sh*t happens pastu departed both your ways datang la menangis nangis....hurmmm...kalau tak, asyik ajer tinggal kawan...aku gerem betul dengan orang camnie....ya la...aku pun pernah la gak berkapel kan...but never i discard my friends...eventho sometimes memang terpaksa la kan...but not everytime la...sampai kan ada some tu siap suh rahsiakan jumpa diorang takut nanti bf jeles...huh???aperkah???what ever lah...

But the thing is, i just try to look back on what had happened around and i know that there are lots of people yang bercinta tapi tak berfikir panjan...sorry to say lah...and satu lagi aku heran la kan...setiap kali berkapel dok i love you , you love me la....huh? aku heran la sangat....setiapkali kapel baru its all about love...but hello if you already been thru more than 3 relationship that you 'claimed' it that it was based on love, i dont believe it...based on lust is more accurate...ya la...for me la kan (not everybody thinks the same)...its not easy for you to fall in love...and for you to fall out of it...if anyone come to me and say they are in love everytime they have a single crush or start a relationship....well first time - i will say good for you, second time - hope that its not a rebound love, third time - are you sure????? fourth time and after that - owh yeah...great (~sarcastic tone applied~)...until the time when you got married and you say you are in love, then i would say ~i wish i could be like you as well~ honestly....otherwise, its just another telenovela in the making lah....

Maybe that's why la aku still single kot...coz i dont find a person whom i want to love (just yet)...and i still remember Ikram's advice, just let yourself caught up with emotions with your truly wedded wife...otherwise it is all kinda not you dont know whether the person you are dating is actually your soulmate...hurmmm...and furthermore la kan, its easier that complication of emotions...nak break it off pon senang...tiada element patah hati di sini....kalau nanti la ditakdirkan aku jumpa la jodoh aku...tarak la nak tunang ker haper ker....ON ajer terus....hahaha...ya la...kalau difikirkan la...if seriously you are in love, what are you waiting for? sealed it kesimpulannya fikirlah....and believe me i try to use it in this particular matter....never let your heart clouds away what's in your brain...

3:35 p.m
12 November 2009

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Review - Il Mare @ Siworae (original version of The Lake House)

I'm in the mood for some i was going thru my DVD list and i found one that i had watch countless time and one of my fave romance movie of all time...and guess what...its made in Korea...its actually the original version of The Lake House starring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock...compared the two together, i prefer the former than the latter...i don't know why, but i rather like the way the original version was made...more on the body language and facial expression (biasa la Korea hujan air mata mah) rather than spoken was expressed thru out the movie and you can't help getting intrigued by the whole story...its about a love that resides in one place but in two different time...

It started off with Kim (the very berry famous Korean actress Jun Ji Hyun) moving out from a beautiful lake house and leave a note that supposed for the next occupant...then the fate intervened when Han (Lee Jung Jae) got the note and was surprised coz he is supposed to be the first person to move in to the house...and what do you know....the note travel back in time (mak aiiii....) 3 years back...and the mailbox is the was hard to believe for both of them at first, but then they accept the 'miracle' and started contacting each other thru the post box...

They wrote each other letters telling each other whatever they had done thruout the day and all (owhhh that is sooo diabetic)...Kim even take advantage of it by asking Han to go to this specific place at the specific time to retrieve her walkman (really last season la this movie, orang guna iPod sudah skg) that she misplaced at the subway...of coz Han helped out and later on started to fall in love with each other...not satisfied with that, they set up a date for them to meet up in the present time...but Han stood Kim up...Han was left wondering why he didn't meet up with Kim at the time they supposed to meet....Kim having second thought about all this sci-fi romance and gave up on the 'supposed' bad day (rather than fine day lah) she asked Han to help her to change her decision about moving out of the country with her ex-bf during Han's timeline (you can just hear Han's heart was crushed panggggggg!!!)...but out of love he went to sought her out during his time to persuade Kim at that time to follow her ex-bf...

Meanwhile Kim in the present came across a drawing of a bungalow house by Han (she knew this becoz of something la) in one of the university office and asked for the officer to tell her whether she can meet up with Han...only then she knew that Han died in an accident on the day he supposed to go to the cafe (on her request) to persuade her to follow her ex-bf to USA...omaigotttttttt....the guilt-stricken Kim drove up (take a cab actually) to the lake house with a note asking him not to go to the cafe...Kim was crying the whole time....aduhai...kering sudah air mata itu...she was basically praying to the mailbox to change the fate of Han's....then suddenly in Han's timeline, there was a glimpse of Han getting hit by a car and all but then it started to be on the reverse mode....the end???not yet....hurmmmm

Back in the present timeline....the time when Kim was moving out of the lake house, suddenly Han was there and asked her whether she have a time to hear an amazing and magical story while his hand was pulling out note that Kim sent him from the future...huh? THE END....

One thing for sure...this movie ideas with the timeline is much more easier to comprehend from Time Traveller's Wife coz its only two timeline, the guy's and the girl's....but the romance was there and it so sweet that it feels diabetic already....hahahah....but it is the depth of the feeling shown thruout the movie that intrigued me the most...they are both content by just contacting each other thru letters and content of being such a hopelessly in the own world....but then again, both actors gave a very strong performance and commendable ones...not much of a conversation...more or less like him reading her letter and her reading him' thing for sure, this movie really gave more hopeless romantic dreams to all those romantic hopefuls out there....but its just so engaging...i just like it...Sandra & Keanu's version of the movie is rather too commercial for my taste...the original had its originality that convinced me that somehow love can come in so many miraculous way that you just have to wait for it to hit you....once again, time-travel theme love movies stand out among the rest....

12:32 a.m
5 November 2009

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Review - While You Were Sleeping

I know that this is kinda an old movie...but there's something about the movie that made me watch it again and again without getting bored...yeah call me a hopeless romantic or romantic hope-less if you want...but i like to enjoy good movie and this movie is kinda hallmark meets sandra bullock in a way lah...and its just sooo diabetic...

The movie started off with Lucy (Sandra Bullock), a single lonely orphaned girl who have an unstamped passport with a dream of going to Florence (its in Italy) and working as a subway booth girl (ala amy mastura in toll gate girl) falling in love at first sight (more like dream is more exact) with Peter (Peter Gallagher) a constant subway fine day (for lucy la at least), peter got mugged and was pushed to the subway rail and lucy came and save the day....and the guy went into a coma (owh how convenient, tak gentleman langsung)...

At the hospital, peter's family was there and mistakenly thought lucy is their future daughter-in-law and started asking her to come for the holidays (it happened on christmas eve, another 'convenience') and celebrate with them during new where jack (Bill Pullman) steps in as peter's older brother whom 'accidentally' falls in love with lucy and then lucy was having second thought as she thinks that she is falling in love with the elder brother instead the comatose-one-balled-guy (not going to elaborate on that)...but then again...she has to go on with the charade and when peter woke up from his supposed coma, he proposed to lucy....~flabbergasted as the nurse who went to a dead-faint when she heard that~

My, my, my...lucy accept la of coz...hello...of coz la...but then again...conscience steps in and she admit that she is actually in love with jack instead of peter during her....get day!!!! front of the whole family!!!!...did i mentioned it was during her wedding day? owh yeah...guilt la konon...but then was the most touching part of the whole movie (at least for me lah) when she quoted that she went on from being all alone to be a fiance, a daughter, a sister, a granddaughter and a friend....~awwww she touched my heart~ yeah rite...but at least a lil...coz i have a friend who actually married her husband coz her husband gave her all that role to play since she grew up as an orphan all her life and she would give anything to feel being a part of a family....awwww...again...of coz the wedding didn't happen and lucy went back to become the booth gal...the end? not yet...

One fine day (not exactly sure when but i think a day after the 'supposed' wedding day), suddenly jack came to the booth and dropped a wedding ring and asked her to marry him in front of his whole family...whoaaaaa...but when you watch the movie you know why you will find them endearing...and lucy finally got a stamp on her passport that stated italy as she wanted to go to Florence all her life and jack bring her there for her honeymoon....awwww...that is sooooo diabetic (and another when jack gave her florence snowball for her 'wedding gift' before her supposed wedding with peter la)....i like the way it gave an end to the movie...peter asked lucy when did she falls in love with jack...and lucy answered as she quoted the title of the was WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING....

Sometimes i just enjoyed a feel good movie like this to counter the stress i am in rite now...and i just like the whole conversation dialogue in the movie...its just naturally scripted...its witty and i think you can just listen to those conversations going on in real life....and Sandra Bullock is seriously endearing as Lucy and i think this is one of her best and memorable role....Bill Pullman also gave a good performance as Jack whom torn between love for the Lucy and his loyalty to his lil bro....but the winner would be the family members...they are just so eccentric that i can actually imagine that the family does exists in real life....thats what i think of the most important part of a movie...that it reflects real life....and not something that you can only dream about while you were sleeping....

12:15 a.m
4 November 2009

Monday, November 2, 2009

Jealouskah Aku?

Jealouskah aku when my friend is happily married?
Jealouskah aku when my friend earned two times my paycheck?
Jealouskah aku when my friend travel the world for free?
Jealouskah aku when my friend doesn't have to pay PTPTN?
Jealouskah aku when my friend eats at Carcosa Seri Negara?
Jealouskah aku when my friend got straight A's?
Jealouskah aku when my friend got HLP?
Jealouskah aku when my friend never have financial problems?
Perlukah aku jealous when my friend is jealous of me?

Jealouskah my friend when i am so carefree without being attached?
Jealouskah my friend when i don't have to pay income tax just yet?
Jelaouskah my friend when i don't have to travel so often that let his other half missing him all the time?
Jealouskah my friend when i am not bounded by scholarship contract to serve?
Jealouskah my friend when i don't mind eating anywhere?
Jealouskah my friend when my parents just happy with my results eventho its not straight A's?
Jealouskah my friend when i am patiently waited for my time to pursue my studies?
Jealouskah my friend when i live my life like a commoner with commoner's problems?

Jealousy is a common thing...that made us one of the commoners...with feelings...emotions...that what make us human...this kinda remind me that when i am jealous of someone, there's always be someone else would be jealous of me....its not necessarily be a bad thing...its just a jealousy....and it won't bite...unless you let it bite you....

8:45 p.m
1 November 2009

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Review - Time Traveler's Wife

Interesting title...i went to see the movie coz Papadom was sold out...since we were already at the cinema, we just took any movie and this one is the earliest (and after that we marathon with Papadom)...its actually based on a best-selling novel and i dont know whether others will love the movie...coz i like is kinda slow-mo but it has its moment...and the movie is kinda the mood for some love...

Its not the usual boy meets girl kind of movie...its a lil bit complex and hard to understand but you'll get the hang of it after a while (my friend was still having difficulties following the movie) hahaha....first up, an accident then suddenly the lil boy go naked on the street...huh? wadahek? and its actually henry (eric bana) as a child...the first time that he 'time-traveled' time travel as pure as you coming out of a woman's womb...without a i forgot to mention that he is a librarian? hurmmmm...

then suddenly out of nowhere clare (Rachel McAddams) - i am still having difficulty trying not to stereotype her as the Mean Girls) came up to him and said that she had known him forever since she was young...denggg...the flabbergasted henry was seriously flabbergasted...i wish that some hot girl like Rachel McAddams would come up to me and say 'Hey you, i know you since i was 5 years old and i want to marry you'...denggg...i would die happy and gone to heaven...okay enough dreamin'...then they end up getting married...

and henry would come and go as the nature calls him for some naked adventure thru even goes down to the baby as their baby vanished from the womb two times...coz the baby knows to time travel too....dengg....its gettin weird...and then henry went on to sterilized himself so that he can't impregnate clare....huh? my head went spinning already...then suddenly henry from the past time travel to the present and then clare take advantage of him by having a serious making out session in the carpark...dengggg....then she got pregnant and leave the present henry flabbergasted once again when clare told him that she is cheating on the present him with the past him which is not considered as cheating as it was him in the past coming in the future and he knew about that particular moment would happen but not knowing the fact that him in the present has sterilised himself that made clare fed up and go on to have that 'session' with him without him in the present knew that she is actually making out with him from the different timeline...difficult to understand????arkkkk...

henry still worried that the baby would be gone from the womb that he accidentally time traveled to the future where he met his daughter who can time travel as well to any time or any place that she wants....huh? okay fyneeeee....then henry travel back to his present time and named the daughter Alba since he knew that they named her that since he just got back from meeting her daughter in the future....deng complicated weihhhh....

and he also knows that he is going to die when her daughter reach 5 years old and had the daughter from the future come to his time to tell the daughter at the present time to be prepared when their father die...and he did die when he was shot by his father in law while he time travel to the woods where she first met rachel...and he is officially dead...not yet...

fast forward to the future where her daughter is about in her teens, henry from the past during the time his daughter was born time travel to the present time and rachel was actually waiting for him eventho he is dead cos she knew that one fine day her husband from the past before he got killed will come to the present time to meet them even just for a while...and the last parting words from henry was 'I don't want you to keep waiting for me'...then he's gone and its the end....

omaigottttttt....the movie is seriously complicated time in the past, next time in the future and then the guy from the past come to the future after him in the future got head went spinning while watching the movie but i seriously like it....rachel mcaddams really prove herself to be a versatile actress and break away from her regina-mean-girls role...and eric bana also had done great featuring his anguish with his unwanted-but-i-got-it-abilities-but-i-cant-control-it role...all in all...this is a flick that seriously needs you to have your brain functioning well to follow up with the timeline...or not, you'll just got lost in time....hurmmmmm

5:03 a.m
1 November 2009
Batu Caves, Selangor