Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Journey of a New Father

It has been 11 days since Rayyan Eusoff was born. After almost a week in the hospital, we were allowed to bring him back. 

Wifey spent the confinement days at our home in Putrajaya. Not going back to her mother's like most new mothers do. Why? well. I do not know. But I am fine with it coz i won't be missing my son so much then. Hahahaha. My mother in law came from time to time to take care of both wifey and Eusoff while i go to work. But when MIL is not around, then i have to prepare everything for them before i go to work.

Nowadays my daily routine starts at 5.30 a.m. in the morning. Boiled the herbal water (for wifey's bath) and cooked rice then take my bath and perform my Subuh prayers. Clean the house (vacuum, mop, etc.) then prepare breakfast for wifey which usually consists of warm water, oatmeal and dates. Bathed Eusoff and changed his diapers and put on his clothes and play around with him while waiting for wifey to finish her bath. Put Eusoff in the baby cot and bring it closer to the window for the morning sun. Then i prepare lunch for wifey (so that she can reheat it in the microwave). The normal cuisine for this week was grilled sliced fish (red snapper, red fish, salmon, tenggiri, etc.) and veggie soup (bitter gourds, carrots, salads, etc.) with brown rice. I am googling more recipes suitable for confinement period. Then i will be back in the afternoon to prepare the lunch and play with Eusoff while wifey had her lunch. Then went back to the office and leave after i could leave the office (i was away for a week so there is a lot of things in my plate) and took care of Eusoff while wifey rest save for breastfeeding the baby which i could not do, not in a million years. Errrrr.

That is basically my routine for the first week after both wifey and Eusoff came back from the hospital. It is tiring but was not stressful. I think i will get used to it after a while. I wanted to hire a confinement lady, but it is way out of my budget and furthermore i could use that cash for the baby. It is a matter of preferences. For those who can afford it, well by all means go ahead because it can ease up your life depending of how many days you wanted the confinement lady to be around. The price nowadays are roughly RM1,000 per week. That could be translated into RM115 per day. Good pay.

But whatever it is. I am still new at this and there are more things that i need to learn about being a father. And i am enjoying every second of it. 


Monday, September 1, 2014

Rayyan Eusoff Muhamad Akmal

It felt weird reading your name in the end of another name. But it is an awesome-kind of weirdness. Rayyan Eusoff. That is the name that wifey and i had chosen for our first born son.

He was born on 25 August 2014, just two months shy from our anniversary. He was born earlier than expected. 1 week earlier. The original due date is on 3 September 2014. I guess he just cannot wait to meet his parents. Hehehe. Weighted 3.26 kg, wifey gave birth through Caesarian. There was no choice given we were advised by the doctors that the baby was already in distress and the opening was not enough to accommodate normal birth.

Alhamdulillah. Everything went fine. Eventhough Rayyan Eusoff had to spent 3 nites in Nursery Intensive Care Unit (NICU), i am not worried as he will be under supervision of experienced nurses. Now he is at our home and officially my duty as a father starts. 

I still cannot believe that i am a father. Time flies to fast that the next thing you know, you are 10 years older and your son is already in school (and perhaps that time there will be another 2-3 additional son or daughter insya Allah). I am looking forward for the adventure that awaits me as a father. I would not trade it for the world.




Monday, July 21, 2014

Diary Ramadan Akmal - Reminiscing Jalan TAR

Memories are hard to forget. Especially the good ones. Friends come and go and the new memory could never replace the old ones.

I am talking about going for Aidilfitri shopping in Jalan TAR. When i joined the service in 2007, i made some fast friends that remains as my friends (alhamdulillah) until now. The only thing that changed were our title from being single to being married, for some. 

We started it all back then in 2007. The first time i ever been to the infamous Jalan TAR for raya shopping. Accompanied by Zaimee, Arep, Niha, Cherrie and Emmy Jo.

In 2008, i just completed my 6 months course. Went to Jalan TAR with Zaimee, Arep and Niha.

Comes 2009, the permanent member Zaimee and Arep was there. Non-permanent members were Niha, Cherrie, Leen, Zetty, Emmy Jo, Pija and Tina.

In 2010 we park the car at Zetty's house. The group members were Zaimee, Zetty and new addition, Jepp.

The year 2011. Jepp joined again. Accompanied by permanent member Arep and Zaimee. Last but not least Jac.

2012. Zaimee as usual. Then there were Aida Misran from Malaysia, Pa'an, Hafez, Mimie and Amry.

Last year. It was only Zaimee, myself and my lil sis.

And this year. Amymie (my lil bro Fahmi and my sis in law Amy name combination), Jaja and Kartini.

Not to be forgotten. Wifey and baby Eusoff (8 months in tummy).

Years change. People change. But activities remains the same. I doubt this one will pass.


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Diary Ramadan Akmal 2014 : Reminiscing The Old Days

Wow. We are entering the final days of Ramadan. It felt as if it was just yesterday i was blabbering to wifey not to pack too many stuffs to go back to Alor Star for our first day of Ramadan. Owh yeah. I am married. This year marks my first Ramadan as someone's husband. And excitedly waiting for our first baby due in September. A lot of good things happened over the year until now. Eventhough some of it are not so good, but knowing that you will have your own miracle does some funny trick to your mind believing that everything is just fine. 

Suddenly all of the sudden, i flashback myself to few years ago. One of nice memories of Ramadan. I wrote it in this very blog. Now i do think that having a blog is not such a bad idea. Some memories are forgotten at the back of our mind but it need that small trigger to refresh it all back as if it just happened. It was my entry on Wednesday, 9 September 2009. Gosh it was 5 years ago. We were not yet 5 years older. We were in our 20s. Hahaha. And this pic. It was the good old days.

Everyone in the pic was still single (with exception of Fatly whois now happily living in New York). I am trying to remember who my gf was during that time. Owh yeah now i remember. I bet my bff Fara remembers her too. For all the wrong reason. Hahaha. This was the hang out group. The gals and the boys. It was one of those memory. All we have left of the memory was a pic to remind us of how we used to be. 

With the exception of Zetty (now my officemate) and Fara (my personal confidante in the times of need) i hardly meet the others any more. The last time i met Meran was before he went on for his honey moon early this year. Zul Azri was during his wedding day earlier this year. Accidentally bumped into Cherrie few months back in Ayer @ 8. Adrian is now happily married and continuing his studies in the states and i was his best man during his important day with Ainul Maria. They are blessed with one cute boy. I never seen Leen since 2011 but we do keep in touch over the social media. Totally lost contact with Andy. Still very much very close to Zaimee as we hang out from time to time (in fact i just got back from iftar with him and his wife Tina). Arep has been a great host to me during my honeymoon to The Hague end of last year and insya Allah i will meet him again perhaps this year end or next year. Everyone are scattered around the globe. Zetty will be starting her new role in Jakarta after Aidilfitri and perhaps i will also be assuming a new role after the baby is born in yet to be decided location. Wow. What a comparison to 5 years ago. Ramadan this year is totally different than Ramadan 5 years ago. 

Ramadan. It is and always be the great month. When the gates of heaven is opened widely to bless us. Needless to say, I am blessed with everything that has been bestowed upon me by the almighty and looks forward for the many incredible days to come. Especially next Ramadan when i will celebrate it as a father if god wills it. I pray that we all will have more Ramadan in our life and one day in the future we all will group once again and take pic with the exact same pose but with crinkles added. Hahaha.


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

His First Flight

I am thinking of where am i bringing my son for his first travel. That will be in either November or December. 

Many argued that he will be too small. But either way i am more determined to do this than thinking about which pre-school i have to send him. Hahaha.

I guess each people has different priority. I have mine.

So it is either going to be to Tokyo or Perth.

Still thinking.


Monday, July 7, 2014

32 Weeks - What is his name?

Wow. It has been a while since i last updated the blog. I guess there is no interesting thing to write about. Or perhaps i just caught up with work and have no time to even take a look at my blog. Now i am thinking of actively blog again as i do need to practice my writings from time to time. Excuse my atrocious grammar as it is where my weakness in writings lies. But what da heck. Just go with it.

Now it has been 32 weeks. Alhamdulillah. Do not know what i am talking about? Well. I am going to be a father. Yeayyyyy. Superexcited i am. Miracle seems to be lurking around the corner and creeping up with life as we go along with it. 

Comes down to the serious matter. The NAME. 


Still have not settle this issue with wifey. My plan is. To have one name only. Maximum three syllable as i plan to call my son (owh yeah its going to be male) his full name throughout his life. No nickname such as abang/ adik/ along or whatever not. My reason is simple. By calling him with his full name is me praying for him to live up to his name. For sure Muhamad will be his first name. I won't call it as a tradition but it is by far is the greatest name that a man could have. To be named after our beloved prophet. Then comes the second name. Wifey and i still having an argument about it. I won't call it an argument as we hardly argue. Just the matter of difference of opinion. 

Some has said that the name is not necessarily an arabic name. It could derived from any language as long as it has a good meaning behind it. Well. I am a lil bit conventional. Old-fashioned. So i just stick to arabic. There is no use of googling up a Maui name (for instance) whilst on the other hand it could have an entirely different meaning in other language. But that will be hard. As there are thousands of languages in the world. 

Arabic name. Hmmmm. I am quite fond of the name Eusoff (phonetically Yu-Sof). Its just the matter of spelling but it sounds all the same. At this juncture, uncertainty did make my mind a mess. Rafique (phonetically Ra-Fik) also has a nice ring to it. Same does Mikhail (the name of one of the angels) or Tareef (rare, uncommon, curious - phonetically Ta-rif) or Rafq (patience, tolerance, endurance - phonetically Raf).

Whatever it is. Wifey and i still have time to go through all the names that befitting our baby boy. 

It is not an easy task. Now i know.


Monday, June 16, 2014

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Someone for Everyone?

Is there is someone for everyone?

Or some people are just fated to not share their life with a significant other during their life in this world...

Some people said that there is someone for everyone...but how do you explain about those who are not married until they drew their last breath...well i had this argument with wifey the other day...she said that everyone are destined to get married before they leave this usual...we are not on the same wavelength whenever both of us converse about any topic...hahahah...

I think otherwise...i believe that there is someone for everyone but not necessarily in form of matrimonial ties...i met a lot of unmarried people who stay unmarried until the end of their days...they are content enough with their life...and they have someone by their side...not necessarily a partner form by bond of marriage...but just someone who can be considered a soulmate whereas their bond could never be consummated due to numerous reason...but non-the-less...there are not necessarily alone...its just they never got married...

Sometimes whenever i walk in the malls or any public places...whenever i see those couples holding hands together...along with their children...i do did they meet did they end up getting married to each other...i could easily understand those with good looks as it does kind of the start up attraction...but how about those who are not blessed with such good does ones see what is beyond looks and end up is fascinating know their story...because it is not the usual kind of attraction like you see in those dramas with love at first sight and all...i am curious to know... is good to have someone...regardless of the reason...and we all should be lucky to have it...


Monday, February 17, 2014

Friends and Colleagues

"There’s a difference between friends and people you talk to at work. You know that, right?”

I will never forget those words...Ady told me once too often...but it taught me an important lesson about colleagues vs.’s easy to mistake one for the other, especially given the fact that you spend more time with minimum of 8 hours a day and that make is 40 hours a school, making friends is as simple as walking over to the class next door and borrowing a textbook...after study years, however, there are no such opportunities because you might be too busy to go out and meet new people, the tendency is to target your makes sense...after all, they might be the only people you know that are your age or within the same generation, and you see them for eight hours every day...sometimes maybe more depending how much time you spend at work...

While many people use work as a springboard for building strong friendships outside the office, I wouldn’t assume your colleagues are your new best friends just because you take your coffee breaks together...Ady was right—there are differences between friends who will be there for you through life’s tough times and people you hang out with while you happen to be stuck in the same can spare yourself disappointment later on by noting the differences between colleagues and real are some questions to ask yourself:

•   If your colleague left the company or the same building you happened to work with, would you still be in touch with your colleague in a year?

•   If you had a personal emergency, would you consider asking your colleagues for help?

•   Do you hang out with your colleagues outside the office? (Weekday lunch, happy hour, and business trips don’t count.)

•   Have you met your colleagues' significant other? What about your colleagues' friends outside the office?

•   If your colleague received the promotion and praises, would you be genuinely happy for your colleague?

•   If you ran into your colleagues in the grocery store, would you be able to talk for 10 minutes without mentioning work?

•   Have you seen where your colleague lives?

•   Do you and your colleague have anything in common besides your age and your job?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, you might have found yourself a real friend at work...take care of this relationship by making a concerted effort to spend time with your colleague outside the and your colleague should also avoid working together too closely...its like the same principle of not living with close friends, being in business with them can sometimes be disastrous...whether we like it or not, people can behave differently when money, power, and careers are at stake...suppose you and your colleague pair up for a high-profile work project...your colleague could be the kindest, most generous person in the world after quitting time, but your colleague might take all the credit and do none of the don’t want to put yourself in a situation where you must choose between your friendship and your career...

If you’re lucky enough, someone you meet at work could turn into a friend for happened to me...when i first came to Kuala Lumpur, i don't know that many colleagues were the ones i hang out with after office i am already working in a different field and still keep in touch with all of them (thanks to social media) and attended my wedding few months ago...same goes to the ones that i met in my old office...we went out and have dinner from time to nonsense about anything and everything without mentioning work...also not to be forgotten...those who are in the same service as i am...we had been through thick and thin over the years...from then we kinda figure out who are our colleagues and who are the real top it all, i was the best man to three of my colleagues turn real friends, during their wedding...

How about my office now...well...that goes back to what Ady had warned me since i first started the working life in 2006...differentiate between colleagues and friends...then i will be able to draw the thin line and have better days ahead...i still take his advice seriously...because it is true...when it comes to career, money and power...people can just be an angel to you and turn into a cunning fallen angels when you are out of the radius...i guess that all of us have the same feeling...if only the blades are visible, we will be surprised to see how bad our backs turn out to be from the excessive bleeding...hahaha...whatever it is...i count myself lucky to have real friends around me...may this friendship last forever...


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Review - Kami Histeria

The last malay movie that i watched in the cinema was KIL...and i had a great time watching that gives a totally different perspective about how Malay movie should be made...aside from the typical Yusoff Haslam's and David Teoh's offerings...which does strikes a chord with most of Malay movie-goers...but it just didn't click with me...maybe i can just watch it over in Astro or normal tv...but it doesn't compelled me enough to actually go to the cinema and watch it...

This time around i watched Kami Histeria...first of all...because it has Fazura in it...secondly because it has Diana Danielle in it...thirdly because it has Fazura again...hahaha...well...that's just about it...the main reason was because the movie has both Fazura and Diana Danielle in it...but i had fun watching the movie though...

All the lead actors are female (except for this one girl whom i thought she was a he but turns out she is a she) first i thought that Fazura is one of the lead as well but turns out her screen time was only about 25 minutes in 3 scenes...but her character really stole the show...she was Cik Lang...the banshee...

The movie started with the girls renting a flat in Sri Gombak near to the jungle and they have their own all-girl group...they record their song then upload it to youtube for all to day they accidentally recorded the song with Cik Lang's voice in it...suddenly the song became a hit...major hit...their subsequent song received a lukewarm response which compelled them to have an agreement with Cik Lang to lend her voice into their song...what happens next? have to go and watch it yourself...

Overall the acting was good...except for several actors...which can be improved...Nad Zainal wordless character was really cool...i like her overall appearance in the movie...even without a word...Diana Danielle really growing up yo...Fazura...well needless to say about her...she stole the show everytime she appeared on the screen...eventho it was a short screen time but her character was prominent enough...hahaha...

I would recommend this movie...its not the typical malay ghost-comedy movie that we had been offered does has its own merit of being different and kinda up after this...i can't wait to watch Sejoli...hehehe...


Saturday, January 25, 2014

8 Months to Go!

I will add a new title to myself...


Yeayyyy...can't wait...