Saturday, February 27, 2016

Being Single in Abu Dhabi

I almost completed one week living alone. It is not a great feeling. Especially when you are already married and have one adorable son.

I have been away for meetings before. Sometimes its for a few days and the longest i have been away from home attending meeting was for almost two weeks. But being away for meetings kept me busy with work and hardly have time to feel lonely. Now it is a different ball game altogether.

When you are away for meetings, there is always this anticipation of going home to your family. That kinda make you want to finish up whatever it is in front of you, pack your bags and go home. It is definite.

Wifey was the one who suggested that i should go first and she will join later with Eusoff. Given the predicament we were in at that time, it was the best option that we had. 

For the rest of this week, i have been going back and forth to the office. Then comes weekend. Here the weekend falls on Friday and Saturday. 

I cooked dinner for myself. Eat alone. From time to time just whatsapp with wifey. Whatsapp calls are blocked here. Therefore i have to wait until i get new phone with local number to call home. Just now wifey sent a video of Eusoff. I am going to miss a month of his life. 

Regardless, this one month being alone is the perfect time for me to go out and venture into the city. Surveying and recce for all the things and when they arrive, everything will be in order and it will be easier for them to settle in.

Now i only have my laptop and handphone as my main companion. 

I keep telling myself that it is only temporary. 

At the same time, i keep on praying that April comes faster.

Abahnya Rayyan Eusoff
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Monday, February 22, 2016

Living Abroad

I always wonder how it feels like to live abroad...

Now I have been given the chance...

Let the story begins...

21 February 2016 - ...

Akmal Abu