Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thursday - 30 April 2009

It has been a while since i last updated my blog. It kinda feels weird. Coz this is supposed to be some sort of a daily journal for me. But instead i got quite busy this week that i find it is some sort of chore to update my blog. But i just love to write. That is a passion that i had nurtured since forever. Since my father wasn't enthralled at the prospect of me pursuing journalism. I got into science streams, took bachelor in applied science majoring in physics, working with a japanese company for almost a year before got in the service that my father wished me to be in. Life turns out well enough despite some hiccups here and there.

Today i woke up early in the morning only to find myself pulling back my blanket as i feel so sleepy. So resume with my sleep after re-setting my alarm time to 7.30 am. Got myself a meeting this morning. This time around i had learned from my past mistakes. So i got myself another laptop to continue writing the minute on the spot so that i can actually get the grasp of the meeting. Turns out well and i emailed the minutes less than an hour after the meeting. Waha!

Today also marks the end of DPA for my fellow friends in INTAN. Some of them stay at the same place prior to the DPA, and some got posted somewhere else. And to my amazement, one of my friends got posted somewhere out of his previous posting ministry. But his last post in the ministry (of nobody can go out even if they tried) was to his liking. Don't know what exactly happen to produce such result. Anyway, not going to dwell on that. Just trying to register myself with the disappointment i had watching WOLVERINE yesterday.

I had a very high expectation for the movie. But turns out it is just a so-so (trying to be nice la). X-Men III : The Last Stand which many criticised as BAD (but for me it was a joy to watch) and i mean badder than wolverine. But i beg to differ. As i think that i had truly love the X-Men III. Compared to Wolverine which i think was too draggy and bad dialogue. (But the movie really great at the trailers).

Having to deal with that, i just remembered that tomorrow is the Labour's Day. What am i going to do on Labour's Day?Hurmmm. Still thinking. I have to go Melacca to get Mimi's things on Saturday (but Emma prefers Sunday) and all in all i have to think about the budget as well. And swine flu (damn the pigs!) seriously making my pre-planned trip inevitable. Hopefully it wont caused an outbreak as i spent so much on making this trip into reality. By hook or by crook i am so going to Europe. Regardless. I just pray to God to watched over us during the 2 weeks we are there. Damn the PIGS! Again! Now i have more understanding why we are totally banned against the PIGS. PIGS, PIGS, PIGS. Damn the PIGS!

I am getting a little bit emotional about this. But then again. I just try to focus on things that have more merit. The clock is showing 6 o'clock. Time to go back. Bubye.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Indonesia From My Lens

It was a lovely trip

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday - 20, 21 & 22 April 2009

I havent updated my blog in three days. I'm quite busy for the last three days. Both work & personal. Getting mad and getting riled up is a theme for these past three days. Thanks to the workloads and my little sister.

One thing that really riled me up is how my little sister actually view my obligation towards her as a brother. Sometimes i just felt that she never once tried to understand my predicament and my comitment towards my work. All she knew that i am her brother and its my duty to help her and take care of her. I never feel obliged to comment on that until recently i just think that she is really trying to test my limit.

Yess. I would say that i put a limit towards everything but i become flexible with close friends and family. Coz they are all i have. And all that i think i need. But sometimes, i am getting the feeling that i had been taken for granted. What i think is unnecessary as long as i can serve their purposes.

Back to my little sister. Yess, i do care about my little sister. And i will try to help out whenever that i can (which is almost everytime). But then again, she also have to think twice before she do something. Somehow she just likes to do things without thinking of the consequences and let me trying to clean up the mess afterwards. And after receive some of my bloody temper, everything would cool down and she just asume that i am cool with it and she will do it over again over the years to come. Hurmm. What should i do? After all she is still my little sister.

These days haven't been kind as well. I have tons of work to do (mostly got myself to blame for unable to manage my workloads). Mostly from the most recent Budgetting and also the upcoming Finance Administration & Account Committee Meeting this upcoming Friday. I was chased by the tail by my superiors. But this is working life and working experience as i gained thruout each day means alot to me.

The new minister seems like a nice person. Havent got the chance to actually know him. But i think i will after June as i might have to take on Parliamentary job on top of what i am doing rite now as we are kinda short-handed. Its okay. I need the extra cash anyway. Its for six months as Bra is going off for DPA in June. My eurotrip. Owh. Gosh. I still havent change my money to euro. GBP is getting higher and higher as each day passes.

My little sister commented that she is bored in the hostel and she needs to get out from there for a while. So i went to her hostel to take her to emma's house. I cant bring her to mine as it is single man's house. And i have male housemates. It is out of the question. Then she done her thing again. Failed to let me know that she is actually has been skipping exams and tests coz she was on MC. Hello! I was a student before. And i had never taken lightly on the subject of examinations and tests. Gosh. I dont know how i can just let her know that she cant go on being they way she is rite now for the times to come. Its unjustified. I am getting riled up.

Send her back on Wednesday and i refused to talk to her coz i know i might get mad. Shoot. I took her for dinner, coz she said she was hungry, i took her to movies coz she said she was kinda stressed out. But then, there was just one little thing that i had asked. To go back as early as possible. Thats all. But that was not the way it had happened. After the movies she said that she had sent her clothes to the laundry. And i have to go back all the way to emma's house to pick that up and then send her back to hostel. OMFG! I was bloody furious that i refused to speak to her. She knew that i will get angry. And she knew that i had asked her to be prudent to time. But then again. She just likes to test my nerves. It getting on my nerves. Ya ALLAH! Please give me strength to face all this. I just worried that i might blow up.

I still have reports to be done and ready. And its already 2am in the morning. I just go to sleep. And while i'm at it, i just pray and pray again that Allah will give me strength to face all this and get on with my life. Just let me have a will to go on for the next day.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday - 19 April 2009

We have a plan today. Playing with water in Sunway Lagoon. I had been living in KL almost 4 years now. But this marks my first time going there. I'm thinking of going to have fun. Paid RM48 for the whole day pass to two parks, water park & amusement park. There was only 4 of us. Zaza, Mym, Che & I. As usual, i am the last malay man. Hurmm.

Arrived about 9.30am in the morning. OMG! There's so many people. TV9 are having their family day there. With the video rolling and all. It was hectic here in Sunway Lagoon. We went to the dressing room and change to the swim/wet clothing. Stored our bags inside the locker (which cost RM5 per token) and then Zaza mentioned that no camera shoot with the wetsuit. Hurmmm. Okay.

Went off here and there trying to find whats the RM48 worth. Haha. Found some. But most of the times we just went inside the pool and play with the water. Somehow i got the feeling that the RM48 was not worth it at all.

Finished playing with the water, everybody was tired out. But still, we have to make our RM48 worth it. So we walk up to the amusement park. Went on a ride on the ferris wheels (not thrilled about it at all!) then go up the roller coaster (hahahaha. This one was good!). Wanted to get on the swingin ship, but suddenly we heard the thunder so it kinda put off the entire mood. Decided then and there to go out to Sunway Pyramid to eat.

It gotten bigger and bigger than the first time i set foot in it. This time around we were trying to find the surau but somehow, everybody was tired out and everybody was hungry, and me, being my usual self got some high-voiced shoot down. Then, just like that, i lost my spirit. It has been like that since i can remember it. Its not that i was small-heart, but if someone just raised their voice to me suddenly, it will took all my spirit out of my body. I will lost my appetite and have this scared feeling to voice out anything. Just an old thing about me. Sometimes i rather refer it as my awkwardness. I can't deal with sudden high-voiced thrown at me. Still remembered that Ikram back then knew about this particular thing of me, then would just blast off anyone who dared to raised up their voice towards me. But that was long time ago. And he is no longer here.

Then i just walk up and down Sunway feeling spiritless. And i really just want to go home. The last time i was in this state was few months back when Adi 'jerkah' me out of a sudden. It really shocked me to the bone that i didn't really talk to anyone for almost a week. Adi realise it was too late and i just can't talk to him like usual anymore as i have this constant guard up whenever i am around him. Till now.

We went to Carl's Jr. But i seriously don't feel like eating. Then we decided to go back since everybody is kinda tired. Once arrived at my flat, i just dried up my clothes, done my Asar prayers and then just lied down. When i woke up, its already quarter past eight. Immediately i done my maghrib prayers then just resume to get ready to sleep after isya'. My soul still staggered from the afternoon's event. And i don't know how long its going to get away this time. Hopefully it wont take too long. But it is just something about me. Just something that really made it hard for me to change.
That is, I easily got scared off. Just by a simple high-voiced sound of another human at a sudden speed. Gosh, sometimes i just think that i am too fragile for my own good. That nite i fell asleep praying that Allah will give me a strength for me to go face another tomorrow.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday - 18 April 2009

Today is Saturday. What an understatement. But i have meeting today. WTF. Have to since we have no other dates available. Otherwise the Budget had to be prolonged to another date which i am trying very much to avoid.

So, i woke up feeling not as on usual weekend. Do my prayers. Done some stretching. Then go back to sleep. Hurmm. Woke up again at 8am. Fixed myself some breakfast. Then turn on the TV. Nothing interesting to watch. Get dressed and head to the office.

We are having meeting to finalised the budget figures for the 2010 budget for the ministry. It took a while to get everything done, but in the end i feel better coz now i can just go on and do the budget and mail out the decisions.

Back from the office and as usual head back to Gombak to do my laundry. Since there's no internet/broadband, then have to jalan-jalan cari wireless. And god, am i hungry. Decided to go for KFC. The one that has wireless. But the wireless was so damn stupid. Can't really log on to my liking. Finished my meals then head back to Putrajaya.

Tomorrow going to Sunway Lagoon. I had been staying in KL for almost 4 years now but i never set foot on Sunway Lagoon before. Going to be my first. Think i am going to have fun tomorrow. Hope that i will have fun. After going thru a hectic weeks now i think i have to reward myself with something.

Going to bed now. Praying that god will give me strength to face another tomorrow.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday & Friday - 16 & 17 April 2009

Yesterday it was so hectic that i didnt manage to update anything. Except uploading my photos with the new VAIO. Yeah. The VAIO had arrived. All the way from the states. Thanks sister. Now back to the real world where i have no time for the time being.

Went to DBKL in the afternoon for the meeting. Finished with the meeting, went straight back to the office whereas there was lot of things to be updated on my table. Still trying very much to survive under the intense workloads. But luckily this time, my immediate boss was around. God bless.

Went back home. But needed to buy the extension socket for the VAIO. While walking around, i was smitten by the book sale they are having in C4. All for RM5/- each. Crikey! I lurve it. Manage to find 10 books that catched my attention but then have to narrow it down to 3. Remember, need to save up for the eurotrip. Bought 3 for only RM15/-. Nice.

Bumped into Ghani while i was going out of C4. And as usual, weight issues are NOT to be mentioned. Hahah. He is using iPhone 3G now. WTF! Just chit chat for a while then i headed back to my flat. The road tax expired by 12am. So, no going out tonite.

TV came back as the IN thing for me as broadband was already out of the question. American Idol was on air. There are some seriously good performances. But i like Danny among all the contestant. I think he has something special about the voice that suit almost every song that he sang. Last nite he sang Endless Love.

Took out one of the books that i had bought. I read the Wulf Chronicles. Kinda cool. And manage to finished it by 2 a.m. Then i went to sleep. End of Thursday.

Friday starts up with the lazy feeling. Not going to jog today. I have sore mind. Don't think i want to tired myself out. So i just go back to sleep until 7.30am after i finished with my Subuh prayers. Drove up to the office with expired road tax on my windscreen. Hope that i can get the new one by today. Head inside my office room. OMG! I'm so tired out. But still i have lots of thing to be done.

Back to work. Gosh. There's lot of things. And i started doing the checklist on everything that needed to be done. Segregate it to my staffs and also discuss with my immediate boss of what to do next. Manage to do that well enough to keep me on track of my work.

Going thru the day full of work. Until late at nite. Still very much in the office. Trying to prepare for the meeting tomorrow which is by the way is Saturday. Very much for the thinking that govt servants are relaks bunch. Trying to go thru with all the preparation made me having a headache. Major one. Its not easy to be working with the biggest company in Malaysia aka The Government.

Now i am going to finish it up and go back and have a nice rest and take a deep nap and come back to the office 10am tomorrow morning. Hurm. Doesnt really sound like a good idea. But its the only thing that i have to do for tomorrow. Please God give me strength to go thru another day.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thursday - 16 April 2009

Tuesday & Wednesday - 14 & 15 April 2009

These two days almost have the same activities. Meeting and meeting. Both days. Gosh. We never got sick of meetings. That is an understatement for sure. As for Tuesday we had meeting in the ministry due to some complication about the scheduling. Have to re-schedule the whole meeting time and places. As for today, the whole day we were in Pejabat Pengarah Tanah & Galian Wilayah Persekutuan. For another meeting.

I'm getting restless just because of this budget thing. And i am really tired because of it. Not only my physical are aching, but my brain is almost like refusing to take hint that my body is totally tired out. Need some beauty sleep to regain my strength to face another tomorrow. Done with today, always have tomorrow to deal with.

I already gave back the broadband from my friend who were outstation for the whole month. Now i dont have any internet access at home anymore. Gotta go to Starbucks or where ever just to log on the net. Not a prob with that. I was used to it already. Just hate the hassle of going out and then going back to find that i have to park at the end of the world coz all the parking had already been acquired by others.

Paid my HSBC bills today. Already called the customer service officer to get my annual fee waived. Called Tn. Ooi to get my saman cleared otherwise i will be in BIG trouble as my road tax expires tomorrow. Nothing much on the tv to attract me to go back home early as there is no internet access at my place. Gosh. I need to get a wayarless or i have to wait for mimi to finish with his study then asked him to get the TMnet Streamyx at my place. Huahauhau. Talking about getting it done.

Owh yah. I have to send the pictures of Suzy's wedding to suzy. What's her email again. She had been asking for it since forever. I hate to disappoint her. Anyway she is fun to be around with. Thinking of going to starbucks tonite. Still got the RM10 voucher from Rit. Haven't use it yet. I think its time for me to use it.

Got another meeting tomorrow in DBKL and have another meeting to go in Saturday. The Saturday meeting is to finalised the figures that we had came up with during the meetings. Now i really need to rest for i have foresee that i am going to be working extra-hard the following week. Whatever it is, SYMP. That is the tagline. And as usual. May Allah bless my soul and give me strength to face another tomorrow.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday - 13 April 2009

Woke up to the sound of my mobile alarm. Its 6am in the morning. Remember that i have meeting today. The whole day. Aiya. So not motivated for a meeting. But what to do. A job is a job. Boiled the water, iron my clothes (i decided to go GAP today), take a bath, Subuh prayer and finished up the half remaining of the first juzu' of Al-Quran. No time for jog today, so just do simple stretching in my living room.
The clock strikes 7.15am when i drove to the office. Arrive in my room, as normal i switched on my desktop and updating some of the things for the meeting. Got a call from my BB (Big Boss) asking me to do something and the meeting is less than an hour to go and there's lot of things needed to be done. Hurm. Gave instruction to my staff about what to do for the whole day. My IB (Immediate Boss) is off for her PhD interview this morning. So i am all alone, stuck with my BB and higher rankers.
Went to the meeting room. Its KSU's briefing before the starting of the meeting. Had that prepared and my BB had asked me to adjust the approved format that i had done with the approval of my TKSU (O). No time. So i just go on with the original and APPROVED format. I don't think it would get me to trouble. It is an approved format anyway. Finished with the briefing we kicked started our meeting today with The Development & Planning Sector. All done and over with till the afternoon break.
Resume with The Operational Sector. Done with huge rectification has to be made. Aha. But not today nor tomorrow. I have to get it done once i got all the rectified infos from both Sectors. Tomorrow the new minister is coming. So the Corporate Division asked our Unit to prepare some slides regarding budgetting of the Ministry. Done.
Now heading back home. SMS Tn. Ooi about the updates of my 'Saman'. My road tax is expiring on the 16 April. Got to get it ready before then. Or i would be in BIG trouble. Done with that. Got sms from Obi asking whether i am free for dinner in HRC. Haha. I'm fine as long as he pick me up. Okay then.
After a tiring day, talking to Obi would do me good. We just got same hobby, that is talking (other than eating of coz)haha. I think i have to rest for the nite. And as the day before and before, I asked god to protect me and my family from harm. Give me strength to go through another day and day and day.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunday - 12 April 2009

One thing about staying overnite at my aunt's was, i can sleep soundly regardless anything. It sure fits the purpose of resting at my aunt's. Woke up for my prayers, then take out my laundry and dried it up at the gate. Then resume with my sleep. Woke up again to find out its only 8am and then just switch on my laptop to resume with some of my presentation for the next week (i'm having budget meeting all week long). Done with that. Take a shower and just call up my friend asking her when she will be back in KL.

I just feel lazy to go out if i'm at my aunt's. Maybe it is way too cozy. Haha. What do i need to do now? Hurm. Goin back to sleep doesn't seem the best way especially coz i don't know what else to do. Internet connection is quite slow. Opening up my facebook took forever. I gave up. Darn. What else to do?

Book is going to the office today. My LLD friends are not free enough to gather. And i am too lazy to drive to KL. Traffic you see. So i just watched tv and then had my lunch. My aunt cooked Spicy Squid, Bitter Gout & Fried Fish. Good enough. I'm full.

What else? Gosh! Its a boring Sunday. So i called Nazri and asked him whether he want to go for another round of bowling in Alamanda. Not a problem with Nazri when it comes to excercise your hand. Then i packed up my already half-dried laundry (it was raining) and my laptop and headed back to Putrajaya. Turn on my iPOD listening to my 'My Current Fave' playlist while driving. Then decided to call one of my long-lost friend, Wan Tipah. The last time i tried to called there was no answer. This time also no answer.

Then suddenly i got a call from her. And being my true-self, i asked her to guess who am i (she didn't have my phone no) but i didn't take long for her to figure out. We talked over the phone like the old times and all while i was driving. Hopefully the police won't see me doing this. It was raining, and i decided it was way too dangerous, so i put her on the loudspeaker mode. We talked until her husband arrive to pick her up. It was nice to hear from her again. We used to be BFF back then during uni years. And i don't think that several years change our friendship especially when she quoted something that really made certain people remembered me. Darn. I wish i never said it out loud. Haha.

I arrive in my flat in Putrajaya. Freshen up while waiting a call from Nazri. Then headed to Alamanda when i got a call from him. The bowling alley was full of people, there was a friendly game which took almost 10 lanes. So we wrote down our name on the waiting list and headed for dinner. Never tried Black Canyon before. We decided then and there to give it a shot.

The photographer really took some good pictures of the food served. It looks so enticing. I ended up ordering Spicy Prawn & Chicken with rice set (that comes along with frost water melon & mini tom yam) and Nazri ordered American Fried Rice set. The tomyam was really good. And i don't mind coming here again just for the tom yam. Then i realise that it is a Thai franchise. The coffee looks good as well. But i just don't feel like drinking coffee.

Finished with dinner we went straightaway to the bowling alley. The game already ended. So we got our lane. 4 games only for tonite. We wanted to go back early. The we went on for the game. My first frame was horrible, scored under 100. But i made up for the following frame which end up being the my highest frame with 193 pins. After four games we just decided we had enough and went back home.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day. Not to mention the rest of the week. Help me god to go through with next week and the upcoming week. I prayed that nothing will happen. Reciting Al-Quran and managed to finish half of the first juzu'. Turn on the tv and computer. Log on to the net and start writing my so-called diary of a man. I like the title. It just suit. And i am thinking off tomorrow and the days after that. I prayed that Allah will give me strenght to go through my days.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday - 11 April 2009

Its Saturday. But still i have to be in the office. Got lots of work to do. Early this morning wake up for my Subuh prayers then i went back to sleep (sticking to the old tradition). Then woke up again only to know that my housemate bought some breakfast. Ate breakfast then take a bath and straight to the office.
I assumed that i would manage to finish up my work by 5pm. All was going well. I was behind my desk facing the monitor and doing my almost finished work. Then my lil sis sms me saying that she is sick. Asked me to take her to the clinic. Owh. I'm having a hectic day in the office, but i cant ignore the fact that she is sick. She's in Shah Alam which is about 50km away. Gotta think, think and think again. Got it.
Drove up to Shah Alam, then bring her back to Putrajaya and i left her at the hospital. While she waited for the doctor, i went back to the office and resume with my work. Only to found out, my definite cause of delay is there. Ouch. Now i don't think that i will be free by 5pm.
True enough, i went back after Maghrib whereas my sister already been waiting for almost an hour. Send her back to Shah Alam after buying her some soup to eat. Then straightaway to The Curve in Damansara to meet up with a very old friend of mine, Bukhary or known as book. While waiting for him, went to Borders, searching for this particular James Patterson novel entitled Sundays at Tiffany's. Its one of a few love-oriented story done by James (he is known for his mystery-thriller book). Have a cup of coffee in starbucks, 'kopi susu kurang buih' or flat white or Latte with less foam. Hahahah.
Walking up and down the whole area waiting for book to come. He has to wait for his brother coz his brother needed his help with something. I just resume with my walking up and down The Curve and the shops are already closing. Then book called and ask me about my whereabouts. I just say that i'll wait for him in front of Starbucks.
Book look just what he looked like during uni times, except as most of us has become, a little bit, owh how should i put this, big - ger?hahaha. But still, he is recognisable. Deciding where should we eat out. There's Dome, Apartment, Italianese, Marche, Starbucks (huh!), Paddington and so on. Then we decided to go a bit shrimpy today. Since both of us never tried Bubba Gum Shrimp, so that's the place we are going then.
We thought the place was closing for the day, but the waiter rectified that they are closing at 12.30am. Okay then. Just look over the menu. My, my. Everything was shrimp. Haha. Now what should i have? Decided. 2 ice lemon tea (bottomless), Seafood Basket Rice, Shrimp Cambordian something (cant remember the exact name) and to top it all with the starter, American Sampler.
We just catch up with the current and the old times. The last time i met book was a few months ago, and it's not really meeting up, just bump into him in the curve end of last year and in Santai while i was there for lunch with my friends during my 6 months course in INTAN. From him, i know that Jebat (one of our ex-unimates) is in kl. Working in Standard Chartered. Hurmmm. Good for him.
But one thing about book, he is an IT savvy person (hello, science computer post-grad) now working in a renowned IT company. Now i know that i can use google earth as a GPS using my phone. Haha. Now i feel like IT handicap compared to him. And then i realise that my earphone have lots of noise, which i totally agree. Haha. This is what you get when you have IT savvy individual as your friend. And it is good to have one. Now i know who i can talk to when i have problems deciding on what kind of thing i should go for, ITly la.
Pom pang pom pang the clock already pass 12am and they already ask for the final call. Book is bloated, so am i. Eating while talking requires a lot of strenght. Haha. Then have asked book to accompany me to my car then i send him back to his (he is parking illegally in the roadside)haha. Pom pang pom pang again till the clock shows 1am. Then we decided we'll meet later on for dinner or lunch or whatever during the weekend. To wait him to come to putrajaya for him is as if going off to Melaka. Huh? He just find that Putrajaya is a boring place (which i totally agree, and that explains why i go to my aunt's in Gombak during weekend, other than to do my laundry).
We decided to meet 23rd May to go out to celebrate Mie-G's (my best friend) birthday. But before that can also la. Then i just drove back home to Gombak, do my laundry and go to sleep. It was good to meet some old friends.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Friday - 10 April 2009

Woke up at 6.15 am today. Much to my displeasure i fell asleep while i was mulling about the day i had. Then the next thing i know it, its already the day after yesterday which brings to today. Anyway, morning jog. I took a different route this morning as i am trying very much to avoid those people who are giving me 'aren't you working' looks. Hello! Just becoz you are too lazy to excercise doesn't give you the right to look at me in such way. I just know that i can manage my time better than you. And to top it all i just want to lead a healthy lifestyle like i used to do before i enter the govt service.

Finished off my more than few kilometres jog in less than 45 mins (guess i am getting faster) and back to my flat, while waiting for my sweat to dry up, as usual breakfast comes first. Today i am having gardenia bread with beef burger and choc malt to go along with it. Then iron my clothes and took my bath. Off to work.

Reached office, Bra asked me to accompany him for breakfast. I just went down with him and have a drink and also talk about the most current big news that we have. The re-og of the whole cabinet. It is something that would happen in a few years. But sometimes when it does happen, it doesn't really give an impact. Maybe back then i wasn't a govt servant yet, so i didn't understand the full impact of the cabinet's re-og to the whole country. Now i understand.

Finished with breakfast i went straight to my room and then start my current assignment for the next week's meeting. My immediate and very super duper reliable boss, Pn Ida (i called her kak ida) is going to have her PhD scholarship interview next Monday. So just left me and my a lil bit bigger boss of finance. Darn! Now i am clueless. For a while. I need to get a grip before i actually have to face Monday morning. Already got the instruction to be in the office no later than 8.00am on Monday. Hurmmmm.

Presentation slide? done. Talking points? done. Copies of the hard-till-it-make-you-almost-wanna-cry budget? En route to be done. Letters of invitation for the meeting? done. Confirmation of the meetings? I let my staff to call them up and tell me about it. Back to work and trying so hard to finish up all the things that needed to be ready by end of this day.

Went for Friday prayers with a friend who i haven't meet almost 6 months. Went to have lunch in Food Court in Precint 8, then straight to the surau there. Send him back to the ministry (he's in the commodities) then i went back to my office in PjH. Then i got another sms from my lil bit bigger boss stating that there would be 2 parking spaces needed as there are going to be 2 officers from MOF coming for the meeting instead of one. So i directly called administration to ask for another parking. And my god, i asked nicely but what i got was a shout over the phone. That's it! This gal really need some sort of sense strike head on her head. She really has an attitude problem and really need some brushing for that. So i just strike back at her calmly stating does she need to shout at me over the phone when i had asked nicely from her. But i done it with a stern voice to let her know that i am not kidding when i say that i dont like what she is doing. FHMF! Done. Gosh. Sometimes i just can't stand her. Just because we are from the same batch doesn't give her a right to just shout at me endlessly without good reason. She messing around with a different side of me now. Unlike the one who use to share the same office two years ago. I had grown from that experience.

Resuming with my work. Gosh there's lot to be done and in such a short time. And everything is getting hectic here. Next week, meeting for one whole week. Still try to register that in my mind. Have to be strong man. Have to be strong.
After work i went to the night market with Myn and i bought chicken rice, murtabak, fried bread and also keropok lekor. Then i send Myn back to the office and i just want to go back home. Once i reached home, i took a bath and en route to Alamanda for another round of bowling with Nazri, my usual bowling partner. But as usual, bowling in Alamanda is not possible unless you came very very very early. So we both tried the nearest one (second nearest one to Putrajaya is about 10km away) which is in Mines. Go for 5 rounds of bowling. Yeah, 5 rounds. My highest score for the day was only 160 pins. I really sliding down. The uncle next to me score 200++ in 4 games without a blink of an eye. Made me feel so shy. Hahahaha.
Back home, as usual turn on the internet and just write up about my day. Tomorrow is another day.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Thursday - 9 April 2009

I woke up this morning feeling lightheaded. This may be due to be coming back late at nite the nite before la. Watched Fast & Furious 4. Delicious. Now i sound as if i am talking about food. Hahaha.

Anyway as usual, i went out for my usual morning jog rite after i finish with my morning (Subuh) prayer. Just take in the usual route. From my flat down the road to the main road and further up to the exit of the main road to the mainer (if there such a word) road. Then jog back to my flat. The minute i step in my flat, my handphone rang to the tune of Justin Timberlake's Sexyback. So it can only be meaning one thing. A call from the office. At this hour? It is about 7.30am in the morning. It was a call from my Big Boss. When i say big boss, i mean yeah Big Boss with the capital B. Anyway just answered the call and blah blah blah, i just go straight to the kitchen to prepare my breakfast. What i am going to have today? French toast sounds nice.

So i prepared my french toast, iron my clothes (today is the Batik day) then take my bath after i dried up off sweat. Drove to the office as usual as well (8.05 am) and reached office 8.17 am. Just nice. Now what i have in store for myself today? 5 letters to be drafted for respective persons. As usual have my morning brief aka morning talk with my immediate boss about whats up for today. Then back to my table and do my thing. Today i feel lightheaded so i choose LIGHTHEADED from my iTune playlist and listen to some songs while i am working out the things that needed to be done.

I'm glad its already nearing lunch time. I think of going back home today during lunch to freshen up a little bit and all then maybe can prepare for what i'm going to cook tonite. I'll think about it over the remaining working hours then since i cant really come up with anything. All i know i might be having some meat for the nite.

It nearing 2.00 p.m, i need to get back to the office soon. I lit up my 4th (what a cut down) cigarette for the day while i drove back to the office. I walk into my empty office room (Mym maybe gone for Zohor) and just back to my office monitor. Then Mym was back to the office and on call with i think is her mum.

She was introduced to this guy by our Biggest Boss (its a higher ranking than my Big Boss). And she is kinda excited about it. But from the conversation over the phone, seems like the mother is not. But one thing about Mym, she wont let it to dampen her mood coz as she eloquently stated it, 'I'm the one who's getting married, not my mom'. Pull Stop. Hurm. Talking about mom who are really picky about their want-to-be in-laws. It kinda reminded me of Rayyan's (one of my few close buds who rarely-keep-in-touch-but-be-there-whenever-you-need-him-to) story with Aminah. Rayyan's mom is the kind of person who you don't want to bump into if you are not wearing LV from head to toe. She's that particular about standards you see. So it wasn't pretty picture given the fact Aminah comes from FELDA. But in the end Rayyan don't care and gotten his father's blessing, so he and Aminah got married against her mom constant pushing. Hopefully they won't end up like those tv dramas whereas the mom will do anything to stain the relationship. Okay. Enough with that.

Just heard the news. The new cabinet members, and surprisingly our ministry is still very much a ministry. Kinda bad news for majority of us, don't ask why coz it is an answer that can only be answered within these four walls of level 1-4, Tower 2 of PjH Tower. And surprisingly, MOSTI merged with KTAK, and MeCD, hurm, they don't say anything about merging. Aha! But some said that its merged with MOA. But whatever it is, there still news tonite. So i think i'll just wait and watch the news.

Anyway, still trying to finish up writing letters to agencies requesting several things as well as inviting them for meetings. On top of that, i help my immediate boss (the smallest boss among my bosses) to prepare for the presentation slides for the meeting. Now got another work to do. Have to re-arrange the folders for the meeting for next week. Gosh. I just done with the busy period, but seems like it is going to get busy soon. My prediction, i dont have my weekend, again.

The clock already showing near 7.00pm but i am still very much in the office. This is something that i had never thought of when i entered the government service. I was also like one of the majority Malaysian (back then) who thinks that govt job is easy breezy. But how i was proved wrong when i entered the service. When i said i am getting busy, i am getting real busy. I think i done for the day. I just need to mull it over and try to focus on all that has been happening around me.

The ministry going to get a new minister. And i don't know how its going to change the working environment around here. Hopefully everything is going to be steady and fine. I just hate to add in another headache to my life.