Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tuesday & Wednesday - 14 & 15 April 2009

These two days almost have the same activities. Meeting and meeting. Both days. Gosh. We never got sick of meetings. That is an understatement for sure. As for Tuesday we had meeting in the ministry due to some complication about the scheduling. Have to re-schedule the whole meeting time and places. As for today, the whole day we were in Pejabat Pengarah Tanah & Galian Wilayah Persekutuan. For another meeting.

I'm getting restless just because of this budget thing. And i am really tired because of it. Not only my physical are aching, but my brain is almost like refusing to take hint that my body is totally tired out. Need some beauty sleep to regain my strength to face another tomorrow. Done with today, always have tomorrow to deal with.

I already gave back the broadband from my friend who were outstation for the whole month. Now i dont have any internet access at home anymore. Gotta go to Starbucks or where ever just to log on the net. Not a prob with that. I was used to it already. Just hate the hassle of going out and then going back to find that i have to park at the end of the world coz all the parking had already been acquired by others.

Paid my HSBC bills today. Already called the customer service officer to get my annual fee waived. Called Tn. Ooi to get my saman cleared otherwise i will be in BIG trouble as my road tax expires tomorrow. Nothing much on the tv to attract me to go back home early as there is no internet access at my place. Gosh. I need to get a wayarless or i have to wait for mimi to finish with his study then asked him to get the TMnet Streamyx at my place. Huahauhau. Talking about getting it done.

Owh yah. I have to send the pictures of Suzy's wedding to suzy. What's her email again. She had been asking for it since forever. I hate to disappoint her. Anyway she is fun to be around with. Thinking of going to starbucks tonite. Still got the RM10 voucher from Rit. Haven't use it yet. I think its time for me to use it.

Got another meeting tomorrow in DBKL and have another meeting to go in Saturday. The Saturday meeting is to finalised the figures that we had came up with during the meetings. Now i really need to rest for i have foresee that i am going to be working extra-hard the following week. Whatever it is, SYMP. That is the tagline. And as usual. May Allah bless my soul and give me strength to face another tomorrow.

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