Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunday - 12 April 2009

One thing about staying overnite at my aunt's was, i can sleep soundly regardless anything. It sure fits the purpose of resting at my aunt's. Woke up for my prayers, then take out my laundry and dried it up at the gate. Then resume with my sleep. Woke up again to find out its only 8am and then just switch on my laptop to resume with some of my presentation for the next week (i'm having budget meeting all week long). Done with that. Take a shower and just call up my friend asking her when she will be back in KL.

I just feel lazy to go out if i'm at my aunt's. Maybe it is way too cozy. Haha. What do i need to do now? Hurm. Goin back to sleep doesn't seem the best way especially coz i don't know what else to do. Internet connection is quite slow. Opening up my facebook took forever. I gave up. Darn. What else to do?

Book is going to the office today. My LLD friends are not free enough to gather. And i am too lazy to drive to KL. Traffic you see. So i just watched tv and then had my lunch. My aunt cooked Spicy Squid, Bitter Gout & Fried Fish. Good enough. I'm full.

What else? Gosh! Its a boring Sunday. So i called Nazri and asked him whether he want to go for another round of bowling in Alamanda. Not a problem with Nazri when it comes to excercise your hand. Then i packed up my already half-dried laundry (it was raining) and my laptop and headed back to Putrajaya. Turn on my iPOD listening to my 'My Current Fave' playlist while driving. Then decided to call one of my long-lost friend, Wan Tipah. The last time i tried to called there was no answer. This time also no answer.

Then suddenly i got a call from her. And being my true-self, i asked her to guess who am i (she didn't have my phone no) but i didn't take long for her to figure out. We talked over the phone like the old times and all while i was driving. Hopefully the police won't see me doing this. It was raining, and i decided it was way too dangerous, so i put her on the loudspeaker mode. We talked until her husband arrive to pick her up. It was nice to hear from her again. We used to be BFF back then during uni years. And i don't think that several years change our friendship especially when she quoted something that really made certain people remembered me. Darn. I wish i never said it out loud. Haha.

I arrive in my flat in Putrajaya. Freshen up while waiting a call from Nazri. Then headed to Alamanda when i got a call from him. The bowling alley was full of people, there was a friendly game which took almost 10 lanes. So we wrote down our name on the waiting list and headed for dinner. Never tried Black Canyon before. We decided then and there to give it a shot.

The photographer really took some good pictures of the food served. It looks so enticing. I ended up ordering Spicy Prawn & Chicken with rice set (that comes along with frost water melon & mini tom yam) and Nazri ordered American Fried Rice set. The tomyam was really good. And i don't mind coming here again just for the tom yam. Then i realise that it is a Thai franchise. The coffee looks good as well. But i just don't feel like drinking coffee.

Finished with dinner we went straightaway to the bowling alley. The game already ended. So we got our lane. 4 games only for tonite. We wanted to go back early. The we went on for the game. My first frame was horrible, scored under 100. But i made up for the following frame which end up being the my highest frame with 193 pins. After four games we just decided we had enough and went back home.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day. Not to mention the rest of the week. Help me god to go through with next week and the upcoming week. I prayed that nothing will happen. Reciting Al-Quran and managed to finish half of the first juzu'. Turn on the tv and computer. Log on to the net and start writing my so-called diary of a man. I like the title. It just suit. And i am thinking off tomorrow and the days after that. I prayed that Allah will give me strenght to go through my days.

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