Thursday, April 23, 2009

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday - 20, 21 & 22 April 2009

I havent updated my blog in three days. I'm quite busy for the last three days. Both work & personal. Getting mad and getting riled up is a theme for these past three days. Thanks to the workloads and my little sister.

One thing that really riled me up is how my little sister actually view my obligation towards her as a brother. Sometimes i just felt that she never once tried to understand my predicament and my comitment towards my work. All she knew that i am her brother and its my duty to help her and take care of her. I never feel obliged to comment on that until recently i just think that she is really trying to test my limit.

Yess. I would say that i put a limit towards everything but i become flexible with close friends and family. Coz they are all i have. And all that i think i need. But sometimes, i am getting the feeling that i had been taken for granted. What i think is unnecessary as long as i can serve their purposes.

Back to my little sister. Yess, i do care about my little sister. And i will try to help out whenever that i can (which is almost everytime). But then again, she also have to think twice before she do something. Somehow she just likes to do things without thinking of the consequences and let me trying to clean up the mess afterwards. And after receive some of my bloody temper, everything would cool down and she just asume that i am cool with it and she will do it over again over the years to come. Hurmm. What should i do? After all she is still my little sister.

These days haven't been kind as well. I have tons of work to do (mostly got myself to blame for unable to manage my workloads). Mostly from the most recent Budgetting and also the upcoming Finance Administration & Account Committee Meeting this upcoming Friday. I was chased by the tail by my superiors. But this is working life and working experience as i gained thruout each day means alot to me.

The new minister seems like a nice person. Havent got the chance to actually know him. But i think i will after June as i might have to take on Parliamentary job on top of what i am doing rite now as we are kinda short-handed. Its okay. I need the extra cash anyway. Its for six months as Bra is going off for DPA in June. My eurotrip. Owh. Gosh. I still havent change my money to euro. GBP is getting higher and higher as each day passes.

My little sister commented that she is bored in the hostel and she needs to get out from there for a while. So i went to her hostel to take her to emma's house. I cant bring her to mine as it is single man's house. And i have male housemates. It is out of the question. Then she done her thing again. Failed to let me know that she is actually has been skipping exams and tests coz she was on MC. Hello! I was a student before. And i had never taken lightly on the subject of examinations and tests. Gosh. I dont know how i can just let her know that she cant go on being they way she is rite now for the times to come. Its unjustified. I am getting riled up.

Send her back on Wednesday and i refused to talk to her coz i know i might get mad. Shoot. I took her for dinner, coz she said she was hungry, i took her to movies coz she said she was kinda stressed out. But then, there was just one little thing that i had asked. To go back as early as possible. Thats all. But that was not the way it had happened. After the movies she said that she had sent her clothes to the laundry. And i have to go back all the way to emma's house to pick that up and then send her back to hostel. OMFG! I was bloody furious that i refused to speak to her. She knew that i will get angry. And she knew that i had asked her to be prudent to time. But then again. She just likes to test my nerves. It getting on my nerves. Ya ALLAH! Please give me strength to face all this. I just worried that i might blow up.

I still have reports to be done and ready. And its already 2am in the morning. I just go to sleep. And while i'm at it, i just pray and pray again that Allah will give me strength to face all this and get on with my life. Just let me have a will to go on for the next day.

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