Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday - 18 April 2009

Today is Saturday. What an understatement. But i have meeting today. WTF. Have to since we have no other dates available. Otherwise the Budget had to be prolonged to another date which i am trying very much to avoid.

So, i woke up feeling not as on usual weekend. Do my prayers. Done some stretching. Then go back to sleep. Hurmm. Woke up again at 8am. Fixed myself some breakfast. Then turn on the TV. Nothing interesting to watch. Get dressed and head to the office.

We are having meeting to finalised the budget figures for the 2010 budget for the ministry. It took a while to get everything done, but in the end i feel better coz now i can just go on and do the budget and mail out the decisions.

Back from the office and as usual head back to Gombak to do my laundry. Since there's no internet/broadband, then have to jalan-jalan cari wireless. And god, am i hungry. Decided to go for KFC. The one that has wireless. But the wireless was so damn stupid. Can't really log on to my liking. Finished my meals then head back to Putrajaya.

Tomorrow going to Sunway Lagoon. I had been staying in KL for almost 4 years now but i never set foot on Sunway Lagoon before. Going to be my first. Think i am going to have fun tomorrow. Hope that i will have fun. After going thru a hectic weeks now i think i have to reward myself with something.

Going to bed now. Praying that god will give me strength to face another tomorrow.

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