Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday - 11 April 2009

Its Saturday. But still i have to be in the office. Got lots of work to do. Early this morning wake up for my Subuh prayers then i went back to sleep (sticking to the old tradition). Then woke up again only to know that my housemate bought some breakfast. Ate breakfast then take a bath and straight to the office.
I assumed that i would manage to finish up my work by 5pm. All was going well. I was behind my desk facing the monitor and doing my almost finished work. Then my lil sis sms me saying that she is sick. Asked me to take her to the clinic. Owh. I'm having a hectic day in the office, but i cant ignore the fact that she is sick. She's in Shah Alam which is about 50km away. Gotta think, think and think again. Got it.
Drove up to Shah Alam, then bring her back to Putrajaya and i left her at the hospital. While she waited for the doctor, i went back to the office and resume with my work. Only to found out, my definite cause of delay is there. Ouch. Now i don't think that i will be free by 5pm.
True enough, i went back after Maghrib whereas my sister already been waiting for almost an hour. Send her back to Shah Alam after buying her some soup to eat. Then straightaway to The Curve in Damansara to meet up with a very old friend of mine, Bukhary or known as book. While waiting for him, went to Borders, searching for this particular James Patterson novel entitled Sundays at Tiffany's. Its one of a few love-oriented story done by James (he is known for his mystery-thriller book). Have a cup of coffee in starbucks, 'kopi susu kurang buih' or flat white or Latte with less foam. Hahahah.
Walking up and down the whole area waiting for book to come. He has to wait for his brother coz his brother needed his help with something. I just resume with my walking up and down The Curve and the shops are already closing. Then book called and ask me about my whereabouts. I just say that i'll wait for him in front of Starbucks.
Book look just what he looked like during uni times, except as most of us has become, a little bit, owh how should i put this, big - ger?hahaha. But still, he is recognisable. Deciding where should we eat out. There's Dome, Apartment, Italianese, Marche, Starbucks (huh!), Paddington and so on. Then we decided to go a bit shrimpy today. Since both of us never tried Bubba Gum Shrimp, so that's the place we are going then.
We thought the place was closing for the day, but the waiter rectified that they are closing at 12.30am. Okay then. Just look over the menu. My, my. Everything was shrimp. Haha. Now what should i have? Decided. 2 ice lemon tea (bottomless), Seafood Basket Rice, Shrimp Cambordian something (cant remember the exact name) and to top it all with the starter, American Sampler.
We just catch up with the current and the old times. The last time i met book was a few months ago, and it's not really meeting up, just bump into him in the curve end of last year and in Santai while i was there for lunch with my friends during my 6 months course in INTAN. From him, i know that Jebat (one of our ex-unimates) is in kl. Working in Standard Chartered. Hurmmm. Good for him.
But one thing about book, he is an IT savvy person (hello, science computer post-grad) now working in a renowned IT company. Now i know that i can use google earth as a GPS using my phone. Haha. Now i feel like IT handicap compared to him. And then i realise that my earphone have lots of noise, which i totally agree. Haha. This is what you get when you have IT savvy individual as your friend. And it is good to have one. Now i know who i can talk to when i have problems deciding on what kind of thing i should go for, ITly la.
Pom pang pom pang the clock already pass 12am and they already ask for the final call. Book is bloated, so am i. Eating while talking requires a lot of strenght. Haha. Then have asked book to accompany me to my car then i send him back to his (he is parking illegally in the roadside)haha. Pom pang pom pang again till the clock shows 1am. Then we decided we'll meet later on for dinner or lunch or whatever during the weekend. To wait him to come to putrajaya for him is as if going off to Melaka. Huh? He just find that Putrajaya is a boring place (which i totally agree, and that explains why i go to my aunt's in Gombak during weekend, other than to do my laundry).
We decided to meet 23rd May to go out to celebrate Mie-G's (my best friend) birthday. But before that can also la. Then i just drove back home to Gombak, do my laundry and go to sleep. It was good to meet some old friends.

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