Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday & Friday - 16 & 17 April 2009

Yesterday it was so hectic that i didnt manage to update anything. Except uploading my photos with the new VAIO. Yeah. The VAIO had arrived. All the way from the states. Thanks sister. Now back to the real world where i have no time for the time being.

Went to DBKL in the afternoon for the meeting. Finished with the meeting, went straight back to the office whereas there was lot of things to be updated on my table. Still trying very much to survive under the intense workloads. But luckily this time, my immediate boss was around. God bless.

Went back home. But needed to buy the extension socket for the VAIO. While walking around, i was smitten by the book sale they are having in C4. All for RM5/- each. Crikey! I lurve it. Manage to find 10 books that catched my attention but then have to narrow it down to 3. Remember, need to save up for the eurotrip. Bought 3 for only RM15/-. Nice.

Bumped into Ghani while i was going out of C4. And as usual, weight issues are NOT to be mentioned. Hahah. He is using iPhone 3G now. WTF! Just chit chat for a while then i headed back to my flat. The road tax expired by 12am. So, no going out tonite.

TV came back as the IN thing for me as broadband was already out of the question. American Idol was on air. There are some seriously good performances. But i like Danny among all the contestant. I think he has something special about the voice that suit almost every song that he sang. Last nite he sang Endless Love.

Took out one of the books that i had bought. I read the Wulf Chronicles. Kinda cool. And manage to finished it by 2 a.m. Then i went to sleep. End of Thursday.

Friday starts up with the lazy feeling. Not going to jog today. I have sore mind. Don't think i want to tired myself out. So i just go back to sleep until 7.30am after i finished with my Subuh prayers. Drove up to the office with expired road tax on my windscreen. Hope that i can get the new one by today. Head inside my office room. OMG! I'm so tired out. But still i have lots of thing to be done.

Back to work. Gosh. There's lot of things. And i started doing the checklist on everything that needed to be done. Segregate it to my staffs and also discuss with my immediate boss of what to do next. Manage to do that well enough to keep me on track of my work.

Going thru the day full of work. Until late at nite. Still very much in the office. Trying to prepare for the meeting tomorrow which is by the way is Saturday. Very much for the thinking that govt servants are relaks bunch. Trying to go thru with all the preparation made me having a headache. Major one. Its not easy to be working with the biggest company in Malaysia aka The Government.

Now i am going to finish it up and go back and have a nice rest and take a deep nap and come back to the office 10am tomorrow morning. Hurm. Doesnt really sound like a good idea. But its the only thing that i have to do for tomorrow. Please God give me strength to go thru another day.

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