Thursday, April 9, 2009

Friday - 10 April 2009

Woke up at 6.15 am today. Much to my displeasure i fell asleep while i was mulling about the day i had. Then the next thing i know it, its already the day after yesterday which brings to today. Anyway, morning jog. I took a different route this morning as i am trying very much to avoid those people who are giving me 'aren't you working' looks. Hello! Just becoz you are too lazy to excercise doesn't give you the right to look at me in such way. I just know that i can manage my time better than you. And to top it all i just want to lead a healthy lifestyle like i used to do before i enter the govt service.

Finished off my more than few kilometres jog in less than 45 mins (guess i am getting faster) and back to my flat, while waiting for my sweat to dry up, as usual breakfast comes first. Today i am having gardenia bread with beef burger and choc malt to go along with it. Then iron my clothes and took my bath. Off to work.

Reached office, Bra asked me to accompany him for breakfast. I just went down with him and have a drink and also talk about the most current big news that we have. The re-og of the whole cabinet. It is something that would happen in a few years. But sometimes when it does happen, it doesn't really give an impact. Maybe back then i wasn't a govt servant yet, so i didn't understand the full impact of the cabinet's re-og to the whole country. Now i understand.

Finished with breakfast i went straight to my room and then start my current assignment for the next week's meeting. My immediate and very super duper reliable boss, Pn Ida (i called her kak ida) is going to have her PhD scholarship interview next Monday. So just left me and my a lil bit bigger boss of finance. Darn! Now i am clueless. For a while. I need to get a grip before i actually have to face Monday morning. Already got the instruction to be in the office no later than 8.00am on Monday. Hurmmmm.

Presentation slide? done. Talking points? done. Copies of the hard-till-it-make-you-almost-wanna-cry budget? En route to be done. Letters of invitation for the meeting? done. Confirmation of the meetings? I let my staff to call them up and tell me about it. Back to work and trying so hard to finish up all the things that needed to be ready by end of this day.

Went for Friday prayers with a friend who i haven't meet almost 6 months. Went to have lunch in Food Court in Precint 8, then straight to the surau there. Send him back to the ministry (he's in the commodities) then i went back to my office in PjH. Then i got another sms from my lil bit bigger boss stating that there would be 2 parking spaces needed as there are going to be 2 officers from MOF coming for the meeting instead of one. So i directly called administration to ask for another parking. And my god, i asked nicely but what i got was a shout over the phone. That's it! This gal really need some sort of sense strike head on her head. She really has an attitude problem and really need some brushing for that. So i just strike back at her calmly stating does she need to shout at me over the phone when i had asked nicely from her. But i done it with a stern voice to let her know that i am not kidding when i say that i dont like what she is doing. FHMF! Done. Gosh. Sometimes i just can't stand her. Just because we are from the same batch doesn't give her a right to just shout at me endlessly without good reason. She messing around with a different side of me now. Unlike the one who use to share the same office two years ago. I had grown from that experience.

Resuming with my work. Gosh there's lot to be done and in such a short time. And everything is getting hectic here. Next week, meeting for one whole week. Still try to register that in my mind. Have to be strong man. Have to be strong.
After work i went to the night market with Myn and i bought chicken rice, murtabak, fried bread and also keropok lekor. Then i send Myn back to the office and i just want to go back home. Once i reached home, i took a bath and en route to Alamanda for another round of bowling with Nazri, my usual bowling partner. But as usual, bowling in Alamanda is not possible unless you came very very very early. So we both tried the nearest one (second nearest one to Putrajaya is about 10km away) which is in Mines. Go for 5 rounds of bowling. Yeah, 5 rounds. My highest score for the day was only 160 pins. I really sliding down. The uncle next to me score 200++ in 4 games without a blink of an eye. Made me feel so shy. Hahahaha.
Back home, as usual turn on the internet and just write up about my day. Tomorrow is another day.

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