Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday - 13 April 2009

Woke up to the sound of my mobile alarm. Its 6am in the morning. Remember that i have meeting today. The whole day. Aiya. So not motivated for a meeting. But what to do. A job is a job. Boiled the water, iron my clothes (i decided to go GAP today), take a bath, Subuh prayer and finished up the half remaining of the first juzu' of Al-Quran. No time for jog today, so just do simple stretching in my living room.
The clock strikes 7.15am when i drove to the office. Arrive in my room, as normal i switched on my desktop and updating some of the things for the meeting. Got a call from my BB (Big Boss) asking me to do something and the meeting is less than an hour to go and there's lot of things needed to be done. Hurm. Gave instruction to my staff about what to do for the whole day. My IB (Immediate Boss) is off for her PhD interview this morning. So i am all alone, stuck with my BB and higher rankers.
Went to the meeting room. Its KSU's briefing before the starting of the meeting. Had that prepared and my BB had asked me to adjust the approved format that i had done with the approval of my TKSU (O). No time. So i just go on with the original and APPROVED format. I don't think it would get me to trouble. It is an approved format anyway. Finished with the briefing we kicked started our meeting today with The Development & Planning Sector. All done and over with till the afternoon break.
Resume with The Operational Sector. Done with huge rectification has to be made. Aha. But not today nor tomorrow. I have to get it done once i got all the rectified infos from both Sectors. Tomorrow the new minister is coming. So the Corporate Division asked our Unit to prepare some slides regarding budgetting of the Ministry. Done.
Now heading back home. SMS Tn. Ooi about the updates of my 'Saman'. My road tax is expiring on the 16 April. Got to get it ready before then. Or i would be in BIG trouble. Done with that. Got sms from Obi asking whether i am free for dinner in HRC. Haha. I'm fine as long as he pick me up. Okay then.
After a tiring day, talking to Obi would do me good. We just got same hobby, that is talking (other than eating of coz)haha. I think i have to rest for the nite. And as the day before and before, I asked god to protect me and my family from harm. Give me strength to go through another day and day and day.

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