Monday, July 7, 2014

32 Weeks - What is his name?

Wow. It has been a while since i last updated the blog. I guess there is no interesting thing to write about. Or perhaps i just caught up with work and have no time to even take a look at my blog. Now i am thinking of actively blog again as i do need to practice my writings from time to time. Excuse my atrocious grammar as it is where my weakness in writings lies. But what da heck. Just go with it.

Now it has been 32 weeks. Alhamdulillah. Do not know what i am talking about? Well. I am going to be a father. Yeayyyyy. Superexcited i am. Miracle seems to be lurking around the corner and creeping up with life as we go along with it. 

Comes down to the serious matter. The NAME. 


Still have not settle this issue with wifey. My plan is. To have one name only. Maximum three syllable as i plan to call my son (owh yeah its going to be male) his full name throughout his life. No nickname such as abang/ adik/ along or whatever not. My reason is simple. By calling him with his full name is me praying for him to live up to his name. For sure Muhamad will be his first name. I won't call it as a tradition but it is by far is the greatest name that a man could have. To be named after our beloved prophet. Then comes the second name. Wifey and i still having an argument about it. I won't call it an argument as we hardly argue. Just the matter of difference of opinion. 

Some has said that the name is not necessarily an arabic name. It could derived from any language as long as it has a good meaning behind it. Well. I am a lil bit conventional. Old-fashioned. So i just stick to arabic. There is no use of googling up a Maui name (for instance) whilst on the other hand it could have an entirely different meaning in other language. But that will be hard. As there are thousands of languages in the world. 

Arabic name. Hmmmm. I am quite fond of the name Eusoff (phonetically Yu-Sof). Its just the matter of spelling but it sounds all the same. At this juncture, uncertainty did make my mind a mess. Rafique (phonetically Ra-Fik) also has a nice ring to it. Same does Mikhail (the name of one of the angels) or Tareef (rare, uncommon, curious - phonetically Ta-rif) or Rafq (patience, tolerance, endurance - phonetically Raf).

Whatever it is. Wifey and i still have time to go through all the names that befitting our baby boy. 

It is not an easy task. Now i know.



marmalade said...

i was like you.
i like conventional arabic names too. take your time. i finally got arafah's name when i was lying on my bed, thinking nothing. then i called out H and asked, "what do you think of arafah nur zahra?" and he liked it!

so there. decided.
hehehehe. inshaa Allah, ilham will come soon.

Resm A. said...

Nama Ilham pon okay gak. Hahaha.