Monday, July 21, 2014

Diary Ramadan Akmal - Reminiscing Jalan TAR

Memories are hard to forget. Especially the good ones. Friends come and go and the new memory could never replace the old ones.

I am talking about going for Aidilfitri shopping in Jalan TAR. When i joined the service in 2007, i made some fast friends that remains as my friends (alhamdulillah) until now. The only thing that changed were our title from being single to being married, for some. 

We started it all back then in 2007. The first time i ever been to the infamous Jalan TAR for raya shopping. Accompanied by Zaimee, Arep, Niha, Cherrie and Emmy Jo.

In 2008, i just completed my 6 months course. Went to Jalan TAR with Zaimee, Arep and Niha.

Comes 2009, the permanent member Zaimee and Arep was there. Non-permanent members were Niha, Cherrie, Leen, Zetty, Emmy Jo, Pija and Tina.

In 2010 we park the car at Zetty's house. The group members were Zaimee, Zetty and new addition, Jepp.

The year 2011. Jepp joined again. Accompanied by permanent member Arep and Zaimee. Last but not least Jac.

2012. Zaimee as usual. Then there were Aida Misran from Malaysia, Pa'an, Hafez, Mimie and Amry.

Last year. It was only Zaimee, myself and my lil sis.

And this year. Amymie (my lil bro Fahmi and my sis in law Amy name combination), Jaja and Kartini.

Not to be forgotten. Wifey and baby Eusoff (8 months in tummy).

Years change. People change. But activities remains the same. I doubt this one will pass.



nihadriz said...

Rezal nak pegi tapi aku cakap anak2 kena tinggal kat rumah dgn mak aku - malam2 memang tak sesuai berteghak dgn orang ramai. plus, it would be pass their bed time.

Wuhuu Mommy said...

Hehe aku tak pernah join kan hihi...