Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Diary Ramadan Akmal 2014 : Reminiscing The Old Days

Wow. We are entering the final days of Ramadan. It felt as if it was just yesterday i was blabbering to wifey not to pack too many stuffs to go back to Alor Star for our first day of Ramadan. Owh yeah. I am married. This year marks my first Ramadan as someone's husband. And excitedly waiting for our first baby due in September. A lot of good things happened over the year until now. Eventhough some of it are not so good, but knowing that you will have your own miracle does some funny trick to your mind believing that everything is just fine. 

Suddenly all of the sudden, i flashback myself to few years ago. One of nice memories of Ramadan. I wrote it in this very blog. Now i do think that having a blog is not such a bad idea. Some memories are forgotten at the back of our mind but it need that small trigger to refresh it all back as if it just happened. It was my entry on Wednesday, 9 September 2009. Gosh it was 5 years ago. We were not yet 5 years older. We were in our 20s. Hahaha. And this pic. It was the good old days.

Everyone in the pic was still single (with exception of Fatly whois now happily living in New York). I am trying to remember who my gf was during that time. Owh yeah now i remember. I bet my bff Fara remembers her too. For all the wrong reason. Hahaha. This was the hang out group. The gals and the boys. It was one of those memory. All we have left of the memory was a pic to remind us of how we used to be. 

With the exception of Zetty (now my officemate) and Fara (my personal confidante in the times of need) i hardly meet the others any more. The last time i met Meran was before he went on for his honey moon early this year. Zul Azri was during his wedding day earlier this year. Accidentally bumped into Cherrie few months back in Ayer @ 8. Adrian is now happily married and continuing his studies in the states and i was his best man during his important day with Ainul Maria. They are blessed with one cute boy. I never seen Leen since 2011 but we do keep in touch over the social media. Totally lost contact with Andy. Still very much very close to Zaimee as we hang out from time to time (in fact i just got back from iftar with him and his wife Tina). Arep has been a great host to me during my honeymoon to The Hague end of last year and insya Allah i will meet him again perhaps this year end or next year. Everyone are scattered around the globe. Zetty will be starting her new role in Jakarta after Aidilfitri and perhaps i will also be assuming a new role after the baby is born in yet to be decided location. Wow. What a comparison to 5 years ago. Ramadan this year is totally different than Ramadan 5 years ago. 

Ramadan. It is and always be the great month. When the gates of heaven is opened widely to bless us. Needless to say, I am blessed with everything that has been bestowed upon me by the almighty and looks forward for the many incredible days to come. Especially next Ramadan when i will celebrate it as a father if god wills it. I pray that we all will have more Ramadan in our life and one day in the future we all will group once again and take pic with the exact same pose but with crinkles added. Hahaha.



Cherrie Pie Sweety said...

ahh the good old times.. really miss those moments. masa tu best gilerrr kottt. should plan reunion bawak anak2 plak next time.. heheh

Resm A. said...

ko la plan. aku okay ajer. hahaha. aku plan nak bawak anak aku gi rumah uncle arep plak nanti. insya allah hujung tahun ni atau awal tahun depan. tengok kalau free.

Wuhuu Mommy said...

The good old days. Missing this moment everyday. Thank you Akmal for writing this. Ko buat aku bergenang!! Hahaha

PS: Yes, I do remember who was your GF at that time! Hahahaha.

nihadriz said...

err...exgf ko yg suara kecik tu ke? heheheheheeee