Thursday, October 15, 2009

Chances Are?

I had been reading one of my friend's entry about second chances...i can feel the depth of emotions in that particular entry...second chances are sometimes the best thing that could ever happen in our life...but then again after reviewing the predicament of what context the second chances are subjected to, i just think that not everything deserve a second chance...

You lied to your friend - deserve second chance
You ate your friend's biscuit - deserve second chance
You got separated because of misunderstanding - deserve second chance
You act unhonorably under tremendous pressure - deserve second chance


You broke his heart, left him staggered feeling way beneath the worms underneath the ground that you step everyday, destroyed any dreams and hope that once were great, letting him gone nearly went insane for being dumped as if worth nothing, not a single cent, crippling him and crashing his self-confidence that made him want to seclude himself from the outside world and wishing tomorrow will never come - second chance?


Should i answer that?

10:42 a.m
16 October 2009


xetxet said...

haaa.. aku dah tahu ko cakap pasal sape...

marmalade said...

understood your point.
and definitely understand the pain.

life is never fair.
but God has Secrets. for whatever reasons, we have yet to find out. you may or may not know the real reasons behind things that happened. i understand that it hurts, it hurts soooo much and your mind just simply cannot accept it all for what had happened.

but get this,
what if you were wrong? what if he or she has a reason so valid, that you didn't know. are you so perfectly sure that she has hurt you 100% for whatever reasons she have said?

oklah, actually i dunno the real situation. maybe you can tell me the whole story when we meet again for lunch or coffee =p hahahahahah.

but i do agree wif you. there are things that you can give second chances too. there are times even for the third, fourth chances. but depends on the situation.

i am just putting you into perspective =) take care, akmal.

and don't worry, what comes around goes around kan?

Jaja Yunizah said...

Everyone deserve a second chance...

fawwa said...

It depends. Some deserve them, some don't.

If I were the one to dump a person until he shatters, I won't even have the slightest idea to try it again for second time. Tak maula, dah break ppl's heart, sesenang nak came back to their lives? Never. It's too unfair.

Why I said that? Cuz I've been there. Aku tanak ulang balik rasa mcm aku kena dulu pada orang lain. Once aku kata nak let go, I let go for good and never turn back.

Maybe sebab tu aku tak pernah sambung balik percintaan yang terlerai kot. Hihihi.

Resm A. said...

zet : i cakap pasal sapa?hehehe
mala : well...easy to say...she met another...its as easy as that...takper nanti kita sembang over coffee one of these days yeah..
jaja : kalau ko emoshi emoshi kejap nak gi bandung kejap taknak gi bandung pastu nak orang pujuk pastu nak gi bangkok pon wat benda yang sama...bley arrr consider bagi second chance...seratus chance pon bley bagi atas alasan berkelakuan sengal...tapi ini bukan sengal sudah...ini...dengg!!!!
fara : its been 7 years....its not easy la...i dont know lah...nanti la kita sembang...

fawwa said...

owait. later kita sembang, make me understand. then baru kita berdiskusi secara hemah. ahahha.

Cherrie Pie Sweety said...

nak tau juger siapa n apa ceritanya... well, to me i believe in 2nd chances tp kene janji tak wat lagila..kalo wat lagi n lagi n lagi, org yang bg peluang tula yang sengal he he he

Resm A. said...

fara & cher : nanti kita hang out yer....there are certain things kita bley bagi second chances tapi there are some things that is a definite NO..

papaYA said...

Orang curang tak layak diberi 2nd chance.. Tu suami aku cakap kat aku ;)

Resm A. said...

the woman in love has spoken....and i totally agree

Unknown said...

i second yaya.
once a cheater always a cheater? heh.

but the best part is when that person who cheated got cheated by the person whom he cheated on.
revenge is sweet.

not advisable of coz. =)